Can You Spot the Atheist?

It’s Number Three. It’s so obviously Number Three:

(via Damsels Of Dorkington)

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  • Larry Meredith

    Ohhh I get it… it’s supposed to be funny.

  • Jim Valentine

    The evil atheist, with her false happiness and make believe love of life spread her disease to those other two good and proper christians.  At the end the evil atheist converted them.  They were singing and smiling.  Evil, just pure evil.

  • Birdie

    Bahahhaha! Love that .gif almost as much as clappa man…

  • Paddy Reddin

    After 2 attempts I could on;y get 30 seconds in.  It would appear you have confirmed my suspicions and saved me some minutes of my life.  

    My thanks.

  • Gwen

    Hey! She’s wearing my tee shirt!! :)

  • Jon Peterson


  • Drew M.

     I had to listen to “Trololol” a few times to cleanse my brain.

  • Brian Macker

    Trick question.  The answer is all three.