The Mock-Mythbusters Tackle God’s Existence

Finally, Adam and Jamie tackle the one myth we’ve been waiting forever for them to bust :)

Alas, one of the cast members was sacrificed, but that’s the price you have to pay for Science…

(Thanks to Don for the link!)

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  • Holytape

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    No, I sure hope the didn’t sacrifice Grant with the knife blade point away from the head.  Every atheist should know that we sacrificing a baby or an some-what famous television personality, you stand on the left side (the evil side) of the victim, with the knife blade parallel to the axis of the body of the victim.  Holding the knife this way may seem a bit unnatural, but holding the knife any other way releases the demon of the blocked URL.  And then the intertubes come crashing down.  

  • Jennifer

    Awesome. Just…..Awesome.

  • Tainda

    They better not have sacrificed Grant!  He’s funny on Twitter lol

  • advancedatheist

    This makes about as much sense as a real episode of Mythbusters.

  • Daniel Parker

    The scary part…? If College Humor had a larger budget, this would have included an enormous explosion.

  • Rob U

    They probably spent the explosions budget making the Dora The Explorer: The Search for the Infinity Orb trailer.

    Is it sad I’d pay real money to see a full length version of that on the big screen?

  • Pseudonym

    Amusingly, Tori is the only one of the team who is actually religious in real life.