Tide for Mormons (with Latter-Day Scents)

Edward Current is in top form with this one:

It’s 47% stronger than before!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bart-Mitchell/100000228630859 Bart Mitchell

    I love a good clean joke.  

    I just hope he isn’t hung out to dry.  Too bad everyone is airing his dirty laundry. Tide goes in, tide goes out,  but don’t say ‘you can’t clean that’.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke, Blonde

    in a strange way, i’m glad Mittens is running. i’m fairly sure he’ll lose, which will be good for everyone. but what is important that his candidacy has accomplished is this conversation we’re all having, despite the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of it. it is taking place, everywhere i go to discuss politics, even sites and groups i don’t agree with, are beginning to discuss silly fantasy and religious belief, with mormonism as the starting point. i don’t discriminate when it comes to mocking religious belief; i don’t think mormons are any more or less ridiculous than any other believers in sky fairies and imaginary friends. but it’s great to have people of all beliefs talking openly about magic underwear and god-planets. if we can talk about how absurd mormon belief is, it’s not too far to start talking about how ridiculous “mainstream” xtian belief is as well. 

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/godvlogger?feature=results_main GodVlogger

    Edward Current is hilarious. His videos where he pretends to be a Christian are some of the funniest on YouTube.

    Overall, I think that having a Mormon run for office may be good for atheists, indirectly, just by continuing to chip away at the idea that all candidates be from ‘typical’ Christian faiths. 

    If an Evangelical voter makes the psychological leap to saying it is ok to  vote for someone who is “not a real Christian” (which is how many see Mormonism), then perhaps, just perhaps, they will also be just that bit more open to someday voting for a Hindu, or a Muslim, or maybe even an out-of-the-closet atheist (or at least for someone who is non-religious).

  • A3Kr0n

    Eddy’s back! Yeaaaa!

  • Thin-ice

    Love this. 

    Make a national television buy to show this during the last week of the campaign, and probably no one votes for mitts except Mormons.

  • Scott

    3 mistakes regarding Mormon doctrine though, black people couldn’t have the priesthood until 1978, but they were certainly in the church. Also, Kolob is the name of the star that Gods planet is close to, it is not the name of the planet. And the celestial world will be this Earth, after the millenium and it’s restored to glory.