A Campaign for Free Expression

The Center for Inquiry has launched a “Campaign for Free Expression” to defend the right to free speech. This brief video showcases the problem:

No person should face social or legal punishment simply for speaking about his or her beliefs in public. And no topic should be off limits — especially religion, which has such an enormous impact on the lives of billions. Part of the freedom of expression is the freedom to inquire — to ask questions and seek answers beyond what is dictated by a religious text or cultural dogma. This freedom is at the core of CFI’s mission. How can we truly have freedom and equality if certain groups of people aren’t allowed to exercise the same rights as their fellow citizens? And how can we as a civilization grow, learn, and prosper if we allow for the suppression — often violent — of minority viewpoints?

So what can you do to help? CFI suggests writing to foreign leaders, the U.S. Government, UN officials, raising awareness about cases like Alexander Aan, and sending messages of support to the subjects of those cases.

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