Church/State Separation Group Delivers Gift Basket to School Board Staff Under Fire

The Kountze Independent School District has been under fire for their decision to stop cheerleaders from holding run-through banners at football games with Bible verses on them after receiving complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. (A judge has overruled the superintendent, allowing the Bible banners temporarily. Last we heard, the Texas Attorney General was lending his support to the district.)

In similar cases like this, the church/state separation groups would be demonized and our side would just accept it: We’re right, the law’s on our side, so why try to be nice about it?

But Kacy Ellis and the Concerned East Texans for Separation of Church and State wanted to thank the school district for doing the right thing. They sent the school board staff a gift basket filled with coffee, tea, chocolate, a gift card to Chili’s, and the following thank you card:

Dear Superintendent Kevin Weldon and K.I.S.D. Administrative Staff,

Please accept this basket as token of our sincere appreciation for your commitment to the First Amendment and a free, diverse, and tolerant society. We recognize the professional and personal risks you have taken to ensure that every student feels like a welcome part of the school community, regardless of their faith or non-faith. We want you to know that your efforts and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

With Sincerest Thanks,

Concerned East Texans for Separation of Church and State

They’re even getting news coverage for it 🙂

Rayma Smith (left) and Kacy Ellis hold the gift basket their group delivered to the Kountze school board.

Slow news day? Maybe. But who cares. It’s a really nice gesture to the school board — one that stands out amidst the nasty messages they’re probably getting from Christians who don’t understand that public schools and their churches aren’t one and the same.

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