FFRF’s Latest Billboards: ‘I’m Secular and I Vote’

In advance of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s convention in Portland, Oregon next week, the group is putting up a variety of billboards in the region.

Some will say “This is what an atheist looks like” while others will say, “I’m Secular and I Vote!”

We were pleasantly surprised we had more volunteers than we could manage to use in the campaign. We wish we hadn’t had to turn anyone away,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. She noted that the definitive American Religious Identification Survey shows that 24% of Oregonians identify as nonreligious, so these FFRF’ers have plenty of good company. FFRF thanks FFRF Life Member Steve Eltinge for taking the professional photographs, and all participants for making the PR campaign possible.

With up to 19% of the U.S. population now identifying as nonreligious, when are politicians and candidates going to wake up to the changing demographics and start courting us? Secularists are looking for candidates who share a commitment to America’s foundational principle of separation between religion and government,” said Dan Barker, FFRF Co-President.

I love these campaigns, the ones that put a friendly face on a blunt message. It’s simple and effective. And it’s much harder to claim that the signs are “offensive” when the people on them are your neighbors and colleagues.

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