The Secular Student Alliance Now has 400 Affiliates!

This week, the Secular Student Alliance reached a remarkable milestone – they now have 400 affiliates!

You want to know the coolest part about that? It was at a high school! And not just any high school. I am super-excited to announce that the four hundredth Secular Student Alliance affiliate is at Irmo High School in Columbia, South Carolina :)

Does that name sound familiar to you at all?

It should.

I graduated from Irmo High School in 2009 and this summer, there were several blog posts chronicling Max Nielson‘s process of challenging the prayer at the school’s graduation.

The Secular Student Alliance at Irmo High School was started by junior Dakota McMillan, a student that co-signed onto Max’s lawsuit back in June.

Dakota also runs her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance.

Congratulations on being awesome and for being the 400th Secular Student Alliance affiliate!

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