Christian Educator Explains the Horrors of AIDS

I don’t know why I read Christian Nightmares, since I know damn well what I’m going to find there… but this fits the bill: An old Christian public service announcement about the horrors of AIDS:

If nothing else, pay attention to the 1:27 mark, where a student asks whether you can get AIDS through kissing. The teacher’s response is all sorts of creepy.

Also, the 3:20 mark, after a student asks about sex before marriage, is Christian fear-mongering at its best.

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  • Emily Dietle

    View 3:20 in this video: “What if I want to have sex before marriage?” … “Then be prepared to DIE.”

  • asonge

    Also, be prepared to kill your spouse and maybe a couple children too.

  • Jenprohaska

    I like the kid’s face in reaction to her BS answer about kissing.   He knows she’s full of it.

  • houndies

    Thats the lamest video ever. Aside from looking really dated and staged, it’s pretty dumb to tell someone that condoms wont keep them from getting AIDS but marriage will. Like being married is magical protection even if your spouse already had it, but maybe just forgets to mention that fact. Also, I didnt see any info on people getting the disease from sharing needles, bad blood transfusion, etc. Maybe they should make a more modern version and have Kirk Cameron give the lecture. Yup, thats just what it needs.

  • Baal

    So much fear in the piece it’d take a lot to debunk.  I’ll just do one -
    “Condoms are Russian roulette”
    The vid implies that condoms are not useful and that sex is like a loaded gun (or an orgy…).  This is plainly false.   Condoms are not all of safer sex but are clearly a critical part of it.  Also, abstance only eduction like this piece fails to reduce STIs or pregnancy in the teen xtian population.

  • A3Kr0n

     I never made it to 3:20 in the video.

  • TheG

    Wait, doesn’t the last guy’s comments completely negate the message of the video?  It seems that they are saying it is okay to have AIDS, so long as you believe in Jesus.

    As for the rest of the message, I guess good Christians are protected from HIV from transfusions, transplants, accidental exposure, or drugs.

  • Holytape

    I think that should be the reply to everything.   Because,technically at some point after an action, you are going to die.  It may not be right away, or even eighty years after, but at some point you’re going to die.  

    “What if I want to wait until I’m marry?”
    “Then be prepared to die.”

    “Beef or Chicken?”
    “Then be prepared to die!!!”

  • Jen Velic

    What year was this filmed?  It looks like the ’80s/90s to me…fluffy bangs, padded shoulders and mullets.  i remember the hysteria about AIDS back then, and the alarmist propaganda like this film.  wful, really, the scare tactics used.

  • Miss_Beara

    I went to Catholic schools in the 90s. This video shows the kind of “sex education” I have received. Seriously. I don’t remember them saying anything about the french kissing gives you aids bit, but I heard the Russian Roulette analogy and the “you aren’t just sleeping with this man/woman, you are also sleeping with every one else they ever slept with and then you will die.” We also had a duct tape analogy. When you first use duct tape, it is really strong. But then you tear it off and use it again and it isn’t as strong. Do that 10 times and it will no longer hold anything and it will become useless. That is what happens if you have sex, you will become useless. 

    And that is why, even after 10 years and fully aware of the stupidity of it, i have some issues with sex. 

  • Octoberfurst

     I grew up in the 70′s and I was told by my preacher and church elders that any sex outside of marriage was wrong. Of course I was also told that masturbation was wrong and that even lustful thoughts were wrong.  So it was “no sexual acts or thoughts before marriage young man.”  Needless to say that kind of crap messes with your mind and I too had issues with sex.

  • James

     Pretty sure we had the same program. I went to Catholic schools (K-College) in the 90′s also. I had the pleasure of being spoon-fed this misinformation in 8th grade. The same stuff, tape analogy, Russian Roulette, etc. The program is called WAIT Training by the Center for Relationship Education, an exploitative enterprise disguised as a non-profit. The woman who taught our class is named Shelly Donahue. From the looks of it, she is still making boatloads of money selling her bullshit to young, impressionable minds. This kind of dangerous “education” needs to be stopped!

  • Robster

    Love how the ‘relationship expert’ admits that subscribing to the jesus/god etc nonsense will not protect you from AIDS. What’s the point of the jesus/god /mo worship thing if there’s nothing to gain from all the effort? She should’ve mentioned that mo/jesus/god has had no effect on anything, ever and it’s all a wee bit silly, sad but silly.

  • Phil

    It all (falsely) boils down to the “AIDS is the great sky fairy’s punishment” crapola.  People who are married can’t get AIDS, sanctimonious christian assholes can’t get AIDS, yadayadayada.  How about some common sense?  Anyone with human DNA can get AIDS, regardless of marital status, religion, gullibility to charlatans, etc.  

  • amycas

     If the duct tape analogy were actually true, then wouldn’t sex during marriage do the same thing?

  • Azide

    I watched this very video in a gym class in PUBLIC school in the 90′s. I specifically remember the “Then you have to be prepared to die” line because, even at the time, my friends and I found it hilarious. It became a call-and-response sort of thing.”I think I’ve forgotten my homework.””Then you have to be prepared… TO DIE”I’ve recounted the moment to incredulous people when abstinence-only education comes up, and they look at me like I’m so crazy that even I was beginning to doubt it had actually happened. Thanks for posting this, Hemant!

  • Tony Moss

    “What if you were Inigo Montoya and I killed your father?”

    “Prepare to DIE!”

  • Tainda

    I snort laughed

  • John

     Well, obviously you’re only going to marry a Good Christian™ person who also never had sex before marriage, and your and their purity makes you immune to receiving it through transfusions or other vectors.

  • Ashton

     I’ve seen this video too, or at least the part at the end with the guy with AIDS though it does look like it’s a piece of some other video just spliced in there.  Maybe I saw something else with this clip.  I vaguely remember the “be prepared to die” part also (you would think that I would remember that part better).  Whatever it was that I saw, it was while I was a teen.  I was in private Christian school, although I don’t remember if I saw the it at school or in church.

  • Foster

    When was this made?  It looks like it was made in the ’80s.  Do you really have to go back 30 years to find a conservative caricature to misrepresent Christianity’s reasonable doubts that contraception is the answer when condoms are only 90% effective assuming the person put the condom on correctly?  When 10% of the people exposed to something die, we call that decimation.

  • Deven Kale

     What, we’re not allowed to be nostalgic about the Christian fear-mongering that happened when we were kids?

    Seriously, why do you people insist on making the combox of every single post into some controversial bitch fest? It’s getting to the point where every post has somebody going off about something or other and it’s really getting old. Please stop looking for offense where no offense is really meant. Please.

  • allein

    I think the implication is that each new partner constitutes a ripping-off-and-resuse of your duct tape. So if you’re married you’re using your piece of tape only once.

    (That sentence makes for some bizarre visuals in my mind.)

  • allein