A Wonderful Animated Crash Course in Evolution

When it comes to explaining science through animation, no one does it quite like QualiaSoup:

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  • Octoberfurst


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/GodVlogger?feature=mhee GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    The next atheist conference should definitely serve QualiaSoup on the lunch menu.
    He is all sorts of awesome.

  • http://www.everydayintheparkwithgeorge.com/ Matt E

    Weren’t “Qualia Soup” Rimmer’s last words?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7ULATYFPWI5BSPZB24UO7HFOVU James

    But this explanation uses verifiable facts!  How can anyone believe the religious reich will accpet that?   They rejected facts and rational thinking  long ago.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Did you just Godwin?

  • TiltedHorizon

    That was great. Well done and easily understood. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/conticreative Marco C

    I am glad you found it Hemant. I watched it a few days ago and I thought it was excellent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6OE7LEYELE4MZTVXGZUSVTBFUI julie

    Loved it.
    I think I’m going to link to this every time anyone says that we believe life is an accident or that we insist on teaching “just a theory” as indisputable fact.
    I get sick of explaining all the misconceptions over and over again. This will save time.

  • David Sorensen

    I think you’ll like this one:


  • David Sorensen

    Hi Hemant, you’ll probably like this: http://youtu.be/rNXLT8h_fIo

  • Baal

    I’m 22 seconds in – the vid starts with the central definition of evolution and then quickly makes two “but not” disclaimers (cosmology and abiogenesis aren’t in scope).  I laughed!  That’s exactly right and you have to do the disclaiming since the anti-science religionists are constantly conflating the three.

  • Pseudonym

    It’s a reference to the video.