The Best Part of Church…

When asked to draw his favorite part of the Mass, one Redditor’s son drew this:

(via Reddit)

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  • EllieMurasaki

    When I was growing up Catholic, the closing words of Mass were “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord and each other.” Couple weeks ago I visited Catholic friends and went to Mass to hear them in the bell choir. Closing words were “The Mass is ended”, and the congregation’s response, “Thanks be to God.”

  • Ken McKnight

    Doesn’t it look like the church is grimacing?

  • Guest

     This is obviously pareidol-

    Oh, wow, you’re right.

  • usclat

    As the Cowardly Lion would say: “Ain’ it the truth!” 

  • Guest

    I read that some atheists attend church? Must be for the free singing and entertainment. I guess those too cheapskate to pay for their entertainment can attend church. After all, do we really mean the love songs we sing? The sermons can be twisted out of context as weapons against those who preach too. Wonderful.

  • RobertoTheChi

    Seriously? Your comments just get more bizarre by the day. Why do you keep coming here? For free lessons on reality and reason? Stop trolling here and go sit your ass in church for the wonderful music and entertainment.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Dang right. The leaving is the best part!

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    The church DOES look like it is grimacing….  awesome pick-up!! Pareidolia, patternicity, and personification all in one! 

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    Hey, now that I look at it further, the triangle representing a church steeple looks a lot like a Bishop’s hat (mitre)!!

  • A3Kr0n

    LOL! I was telling myself the best part of church was going home, then I saw the picture!

  • julie

    You know, assuming you believe that all of us will be tortured for all eternity after we die, I would think that you would be excited at the idea of an atheist going to church and the possibility that God could work a miracle in our lives, right?

    Oh right, you probably like the idea of us going to hell.

  • Barbara

    When I attended Catholic mass, it always felt so good afterward to walk out those church doors. Fellow church-goers had the same warm and fuzzy feeling I did and usually contributed it to God’s blessing on us for attending mass. No one really wanted to admit the truth: that mass is one helluva boring thing to sit through and that warm and fuzzy feeling when we hit the parking lot is just RELIEF that’s it’s finally over.

  • Barbara

    I read that some greedy people build churches just for the property and tax exemptions. They’re too cheap and deceptive to tell the government they’re really in the BUSINESS of indoctrination.

  • James A. Lindsay

    This could be a drawing from my childhood!

  • Adam Patrick

    Hey, that was my favorite part of church too :)

  • allein

    I go to church occasionally, for special occasions in the lives of people I love (baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals…). Yes, sometimes the music is nice but overall I really don’t find it all that entertaining.

    There’s tons of free entertainment around most places, anyway, if you look for it.

  • northierthanthou

    Out of the pencils of babes!

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    i consider anyone who takes a child to a place where a catholic priest is found to be risking/borderline committing child abuse. my sisters, mothers of 6 bw the two of them, agree with me. no priest of this cult will EVER be alone or near my young relations. 

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    forgive my anger, but this is not even funny, really. we’re talking about a child. they don’t do “post modern” or “representational sardonic” or anything like that. i am not an expert in young children, but i am an abuse survivor and if this were my kid, we’d be having a serious sit down about what the child was trying to say in this piece of art, and why. given the history of the rcc and pedophilia, it would be reckless and irresponsible not to. how often was this kid left alone in the company of a catholic priest or nun? 

  • Earl G.

    In what bizarro world is church entertaining?

  • amycas

     I love bell choirs. I was in one when I was about 10 or 11 (not Catholic though). They’re beautiful. One thing I miss from church would be the music, not the cheesy modern christian pop they do in many churches, but many of the older hymns and choral music are beautiful.

  • Robster

    If the whole nonsense has one redeeming factor, it’s that it’s so bloody funny. It’s a hoot watching the godbots all behave as though what they’re doing has some sort of desired value. All serious and pious. It’s as though they think it actually important in some silly way.

  • Baal

     I never had anything directly bad happen to me at a Church and still couldn’t wait to get away from them (best part was leaving).  I don’t like the smell of lots of people close together let alone the perfume clash.  I never liked kneeling and amateur singing sets my nerves up like nails on a chalk board.  The whole experience was always just somewhat unpleasant.  I understand that not everyone feels like I do about these things but I’m far from alone.

  • Robyman4

    I have never set foot inside a Catholic church and I never, ever will. But I’ve been inside the ecclesiastical edifices of a few other denominations and can’t do anything but agree with the kid: getting out of there was always the best part!

  • Robyman4

    I have never set foot inside a Catholic church and I never, ever will. But I’ve been inside the ecclesiastical edifices of a few other denominations and can’t do anything but agree with the kid: getting out of there was always the best part!