Jesus Is Not Better Than the SpaceJump

Considering how much scientific awesome-ness was required to make Felix Baumgartner’s recent 24-mile-high SpaceJump, I don’t think Christians should be able to use the event to promote their own agenda…

Here’s Pastor Mark Driscoll arguing that Jesus beats “skydiving”:

… My kids were spellbound. We could not believe what we were seeing. That a single person would travel from the heavens to the earth was mind-boggling.

And, the whole world agrees. Everything from the nightly news to social media has been buzzing ever since. Apparently, the notion that one man would come down from the heavens is something that God has hardwired deep within all of us as something profoundly gripping in our soul.

But, it wasn’t the first time or even the greatest trip. Jesus did something even more amazing.

That’s not even a subtle Jesus Juke

Look, God didn’t hardwire us to be enthralled by the SpaceJump because it was like someone coming down from Heaven. I watched my computer screen, mesmerized, because of how scientists and engineers came together to make the jump possible. (Also, you know, because the dude could have gone *splat* when he landed.)

I have yet to see any report that Baumgartner thanked God before, during, or after his jump. There was no Bible with him in that tiny capsule. He didn’t hold a group prayer before starting his ascent. The only reference to anything spiritual was a tongue-in-cheek comment made to Baumgartner by the previous free-fall-jump record-holder Joe Kittinger back in Mission Control, just before the jump: “Our guardian angel will take care of you.”

The pastor who doesn’t accept scientific theories because they might contradict the Bible doesn’t get to use Baumgartner to promote Jesus. It’s a new rule. I just created it.

Plus, Baumgartner out-miracled Jesus. And unlike everything in the Bible, we actually have proof to back up this amazing event.

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