FFRF Seeks Plaintiffs for Kountze Court Fight

Now that a Texas judge has issued an injunction allowing cheerleaders at Kountze High School to promote Christianity at football games with their banner, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is looking to defend church/state separation.

They just need plaintiffs with standing to move forward:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, whose complaint began the case, is not a party to the lawsuit. If contacted by those with standing to sue, FFRF is prepared to challenge the continuing violation in federal court, where this case belongs.

“We encourage any student or parent with children in the public schools coming into contact with this religious practice at public school functions to contact FFRF,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. Plaintiffs with standing might also include school employees coming into regular contact with religious banners at school sporting events.

It’s always tough, especially in Texas, to put yourself out there in a case like this, but being a plaintiff would be a brave, important step toward achieving church/state separation.

If you’re one of the people in good standing, please contact FFRF.

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  • JW

    This is the one time I wish I lived in Texas

  • Jbaerg

    I’d like to see the chearleaders for an opposing team hold up a banner with the text of Matthew 6-5.

  • MuleBreath

    Especially in East Texas it is difficult to stand up to the cult. In those piney woods they’ve strung people up for being black, and the blacks were xian. I sincerely wish the FFRF luck, but to come forward as a non-believer over in that part of the state could easily be an invitation for an unfortunate lightning strike… or worse.

  • amycas

    I live in Texas, but not in Kountze.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1019365643 John J. Ronald

    And now our State Attorney General has vowed to come to the aid of the bible-banner Cheerleaders *facepalm*

    Luckily we have places like Houston and Austin, which are more hospitable to us atheists…oases of sanity in a sea of crazy…

  • Shicklgruber

    Those young girls are a real threat to all those manly atheists!  Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  • Maya Kulik

     Their message is condescension to anyone of another religion who may be in attendance.
    If Buddhist quotes were used or a Wiccan invocation given, those would also be promoting a religion in a secular forum.

  • Gus Snarp

    Who claimed to be manly? The real victims wouldn’t be us anyway, it would be other students at the school. You don’t think that cheerleaders are a threat to some other young girl who’s not as popular? Who maybe follows a different religion and feels ostracized because of it? That’s why the FFRF is seeking plaintiffs with standing. They’re looking for the Jewish, or Muslim, or Atheist, or Quaker, or Hindu, or student of some other religion who feels like they don’t belong in their school simply because they believe differently. And if you don’t think such students exist, or that they are victims, because they are suffering in silence, then your privilege is showing.

    I used some big words in there, let me know if you need a simpler explanation.

  • Gus Snarp

    The perfect plaintiff from a PR perspective is a Christian who devoutly believes that using Bible verses this way is insulting and demeaning to their faith. A Jehovah’s Witness ought to do for that.

  • dilberth

     Nice try, Adolph.

  • Birdie1986

    I live in Texas, but not out in supercrazy Texas (just semi-crazy Houston).