Helping Out a Friend

My friend and yours, Greta Christina, is going through a really tough time right now — a death in the family, a major health issue, etc. You can read all the details on her site.

Needless to say she won’t be doing as much writing/traveling in the next few months, a problem that looms ever larger when that’s your primary source of income.

Anyway, it’s never easy to ask anyone for money for yourself, but if you can chip in a few dollars to help cover any of Greta’s medical costs or lost income, I’m sure it’d mean a lot to her. If PayPal isn’t your thing, there’s a physical address you can use to send a check (or a card) on her site.

Better yet, buy Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless — she’ll get a cut of the purchase price and you’ll get an amazing book in return.

Here’s hoping for excellent doctors and a speedy recovery.

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