Reporter Looking for Atheists With Religious Parents

Yesterday, I spoke with a reporter looking to do a story on atheists who have religious parents.

Ideally, the reporter would like to feature an atheist whose parents are very unhappy with their child’s atheism… and all parties involved would have to be willing to talk about it on camera.

I know that’s a hard combination to find, but if you think you (and your parents) fit the bill, please email me the following:

  • Your name and your parents’ names
  • A good phone number to reach you at
  • A summary of “your story” (what you’ve been through, what sort of family drama has taken place, etc.)

I’ll compile the responses that seem to fit the bill and pass them along to the reporter.

The deadline for getting back to me is Saturday night, October 20th. Please don’t send emails if your parents wouldn’t be willing to talk on camera! Thanks for your help.

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