East Aurora School Board Rescinds Policy Supporting Transgender Students

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding the East Aurora Board of Education’s decision to support transgender students… and then considering dropping that support after complaints from Christian Right groups.

The East Aurora Board of Education

The school board met tonight to discuss this issue. There were several dozen people in attendance, many of whom supported the policy and spoke publicly about why they did.

However, the board members voted — unanimously — to rescind their support, anyway.

Transgendered students will not be treated with respect in their district.

A reader of this site was at the meeting and will be filing a post about the specifics of what happened tonight as soon as possible.

Until then, though, what a disappointing turn of events. What an embarrassment to the education system this school board is, to allow themselves to be pushed around by Christian bullies who don’t even understand the issue at hand.

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