Fighting Back in Idaho’s War on Women

In general, I’m against trolling… but when Mike Lee goes after religious anti-women activists, I’ll admit I didn’t mind it one bit:

(via The Religious Antagonist)

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  • kaydenpat

    In your face journalism at its best. 

  • Hungrylproductions

    This is the future of Journalism !!!

  • viaten

    I’m all for free speech and can appreciate parodies, but can someone explain to me how a video like this helps the cause?

  • DaveDodo007

    You yanks do realise it is the 21st century right, right.

  • julie

    Yes it is. Please be more specific about the point you’re trying to make.

  • julie

    I love it and hate it. I find it hilarious but I also think the humor is lost on anyone who doesn’t already agree with this guy, which makes it slightly pointless.
    Still, just one more punch on my abortion card and my next one is free! I can’t wait for my next unplanned pregnancy!!

  • Artor

    I grew up in Boise. Sometime in the late ’80′s, me and some friends marched to the capitol building at the head of a big pro-life demonstration. We were carrying a banner that read, “BEWARE OF IDIOTS: NEXT HALF-MILE”

  • Ibis3

    I think he kind of undermined the humour of the pharmacy piece by having the woman on the leash accompany him.

  • viaten

    Yes.  I felt bad for the woman on the leash and the others in the store.  It reminds me of the Chick-fil-a drive-thru guy a while back.  I thought it was silly and pointless, as was treating the “jar” baby like a live child.

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    for those more aware of modern politics, the ‘fetus’ in a jar ref is a not so subtle reminder of the actual activities of one of america’s most prominent anti-choice republican politicians, who is also the worst sort of hypocrite on this issue at the same time, Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum. his wife had an abortion, and they brought the product home and showed it to their children, in a jar. it’s very sick and wrong, but they bragged about it, as some sort of proof of their commitment to ‘life.’ 

    if you can’t understand the powerful message the woman on a chain sends, i suggest you do a little research into the sexual habits and practices of many of the most outspoken anti-choice and anti-feminist politicians and pundits out there. more than a few of them have been busted, after making a career on being advocates of “pro family” values, as being in truth practitioners of BDSM, using prostitutes, wearing diapers, wetsuits with dildos, toe tapping fun with rent boys at airport bathroom stalls… seriously, read a little more from places that are not CNN or MSNBC and you might learn why a bit like this was actually very clever and tongue in cheek. 

  • A Portlander

    This guy still rubs me the wrong way. He’s not agitating to raise consciousness or provoke thought among the opposition, his stunts are just red meat for the kinds of mean-spirited, juvenile antitheists  r/atheism takes crap for every minute of every day.