My First HuffPo Live Appearance!

Huffington Post asked Hemant Mehta to appear in a Google Hangout-style “round-table” of sorts.

Hemant was busy, so he sent his backup (or back-back-back up)… Me!

Here was the summary:

A new survey shows that one in five Americans is not affiliated with a religion. Is no religion about an absence of faith in god or in institutions?

This being my first time appearing on any sort of camera talking about… well, anything, I was really nervous and had a whole lot of information prepared. And then I ended up using very little of it, for better or worse.

So glad you couldn’t see how hard I was sweating.

So my point is, please enjoy watching my first live interview, and please be nice.

I think I use “literally” once or twice in there.  Please let it go.

Also, the moderator pronounced my last name wrong. It’s Bloom-Key.

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