PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly on the Rise of the Nones, Part 2: Political Implications

Last week, we learned that the percentage of Secular Americans was higher than ever before. Not only do a third of Millennials (18-29) have no religious affiliation, nearly 20% of all adults are also unaffiliated.

That incredible report was conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life in conjunction with PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. Last week, the show aired part one of a three-part special on our people.

Part two focuses on the political implications of a rising non-religious populace:

Host Kim Lawton: [Volunteer Monette] Richards is part of a growing force on the political scene: the 46 million Americans who say they are not affiliated with a religion. Their numbers have been rising rapidly, and they are heavily Democratic.

Richards: When you can’t get into office unless you profess your religion and talk about how religious you are, it’s a very big problem for us.

Lawton: Like most religiously unaffiliated voters, Monette Richards doesn’t want to hear politicians quote from the Bible or make other overt religious appeals. She believes candidates can eliminate the God-talk without alienating faith-based voters.

Part three of this series airs next week.

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