An Atheist Explains What He Learned from Visiting the Creation Museum

Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist, recently visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky for the first time. He shares with us the Top Ten things he learned from his visit — presumably so you don’t have to visit the place yourself :)

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  • Rob Crompton

    Wow! It’s hard to believe this thing is for real.
    Incredibly sad, though, to think that kids are being brought up on garbage like this.

  • Gordon Duffy

    Shame they had to give Ken Ham money for this!

  • Joe Montoto

    The fact that this nonsensical place exists is a shining example of the enlightenment principles the Founding Fathers used to create this great country.  Even dopey ideas can be shared in a land with a working First Amendment.  We may not agree with what the “curators” of the CM say, but they have a right to say it.  It’s up to us, as responsible and objective judges, to investigate the legitimacy of what’s being shown, and determine our own truth.  Those of us who have taken the time to learn why the CM’s offering doesn’t hold water are better off in the long run for having gone through the harder work of learning, as opposed to being sheep who don’t question what they are told.    

  • Ay


    Atheists have dedicated enough detailed Flickr groups and blog posts to satisfy hate-curiosity from the rest of us, so stop giving these creation exhibits money and attendance numbers that are then used to justify shit like state funding for Noah’s Ark theme parks.

    Sorry about the run-on sentence. But you can get the same exasperated feeling reading a Christian homeschooling textbook (just without the Look at me! I’m smarter! public bragging rights).

  • observer

    1:04 “They take the Bible totally literally. And…and say, you know, if it doesn’t agree with the Bible then it must be wrong.”

    Correction: It’s their interpretation of the Bible that they use. Anything that disagrees with their interpretation is wrong, even the Bible itself.

    9:35 “In fact, everywhere I looked, those two words kept conspicuously popping up. ‘God’s word’, ‘God’s word’, ‘God’s word’, ‘God’s word’! Always trust and obey ‘God’s word’. And whatever you do, don’t put your trust in ‘Human Reason’.”

    Word of God; mouth of man.

  • Aimee

    I like to call it the Mythsonian

  • Joe Montoto

    Mythsonian!  Great!  So stolen!

  • James Buchy

     I guess printing the words “god’s word” is a lot easier than printing “words of people claiming to speak for god which would be considered hear-say and not admissible in any court as testimony”.

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of dumb and villainy…”


  • Sam Kay

    He has an awesome narration voice.

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    i’d make a rude joke about incest and the south but it’s clear that there are too many fine southern atheists to warrant such insult. still, it’s a little disturbing. if i had kids, even if i was a religious nutbag, i don’t think i’d feel good about taking them to a place that actively endorses brother-sister love. ick.

  • Matt

    I love the poster that has “God’s Word” on one side and “Man’s Word” on the other, because it’s labeled backwards.  The Man’s Word side shows science, which has nothing to do with the opinions of man.  Then the God’s Word side shows the bible, which has everything to do with the opinions of man.

  • Miss_Beara

    I agree. There is just so much stuff already written about this place and photographs taken that there is no reason to give this place any more money. It isn’t like it is 5 or 10 dollars, which is still too much to give to that “museum.” It is 30 bucks. You might as well flush it down the toilet. 

  • amycas

     Are you saying that “science” should be under the “God’s Word” heading?

  • fett101

    Having lived in Tennessee and northern Kentucky (where the creation museum is) I must say Kentucky is not a southern state. Or at least it’s a pale reflection to the southern states.

  • reynard61

    The Creation Museum is nothing more than a “Lyin’-for-Jesus” version of P.T. Barnum’s American Museum — without any of the latter’s educational aspects. And, yes; the best thing that anyone can do is stop giving them money.

  • elly

    It’s funny that Ham et al, should be so down on “Man’s Reason,” since it was man’s reason that made the place possible in the first place. All the technology on display certainly didn’t come from the Bible, or “God’s Word,” lol.

  • Jason Mcgoldrick

    Every time I listen to the story its makes me think are christians this fucking retarded