Mormon Feminists are Voting for Obama

Yes, you read that headline correctly!

Mormon feminists exist and they think that Mr. Romnesia, a Mormon himself, is bad for the nation’s future.

According to Reuters:

Aimee Hickman, co-editor of the Mormon feminist magazine Exponent II, said Romney’s remarks in which he said he looked at “binders full of women” while searching for staff as governor of Massachusetts suggested he was comfortable having powerful women around him, even if he put it awkwardly.

Yet when he then described setting up a flexible schedule for a senior aide so that she could go home and make dinner for her family, he was speaking in the church’s paternalistic language that casts women ultimately as mothers, she said.

“The emphasis on them (women) being seen as leaders or them being seen as breadwinners is still really missing from our rhetoric,” Hickman said. Romney’s response put that “on full display,” she added.

The fact that feminist Mormons exist and they are voting for President Obama should be the final nail in the Romney campaign coffin, though the race is still frighteningly close. When the people in your own relatively cultish religion think you’re from Crazytown… perhaps it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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Lauren Lane is the co-founder of Skepticon, the Midwest's largest skeptic student-run conference and remains a lead organizer today. She has not one, but TWO fancy art degrees and is not afraid to use them.

  • CraftLass

    Wow, first the SLC Tribune endorses Obama, now this? And a 3rd party Mormon (Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, former mayor of SLC and FAR more qualified than Romney)  is running? This is getting interesting…

  • Alexander Ryan

    Some of Ryan’s comments “Now it’s a war on women; tomorrow it’s going to be a war on left-handed Irishmen or something like that.” that pretty much sealed most of the female votes for Obama. They continually deny that there’s any war on women, while continuing to deny them what should come as basic rights. 

    I’m ashamed to share the same last name as the guy.

  • Brian Westley

    I would just like to say that looks like a very heavy hat.

  • Ben

    I mean, I know at least one gay, black, republican so while I appreciate the article, just because someone bucks stereotypes/breaks ranks doesn’t actually mean the weight of evidence is for the other side. 

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    i’m always uncomfortable using examples like these to support or endorse our atheist/secular/humanist goals and policies. simply and frankly: i don’t believe one can be a Mormon and a feminist, not as i understand both terms to be defined. just as i’m not going to laud and support gay republicans or arab-american white supremacists (yes! i’ve met them, they exist!), it’s hard for me to point to a woman, for all she may really want and believe in the same sort of feminism i do, who at the same time endorses and practices such a ridiculously anti-feminist cult as mormonism is. don’t get me wrong: i feel this way about southern baptist, orthodox jewish, and conservative islamic feminists. my sisters: it’s time to wake up. your religions all agree: you aren’t as good, as worthy, as able to lead, as pure, as intelligent, etc., as the menfolk believers of your creed. ask yourself why you want to defend something that posits that you should be more silent, less independent, more ashamed and less sexually autonomous than men. 

    there may be some sect of mormons who have rejected all of the claims that ‘mainstream’ mormonism makes, about the spirit babies and god worlds and magic underwear. but like UU christians and reform jews, i still have to ask, “why? if you reject the really ridiculous crap, why cling to any of it?” i confess to being more annoyed with liberal believers than with conservative and extreme ones. at least the latter are consistent. but one can be part of a social culture, and do so without maintaining a belief in invisible, ridiculous, mythological things. gays do it just fine,you should try to follow our example in which atheism is the growing trend that walks happily hand in hand with increasing pride and self acceptance. 

  • Marlo Rocci

    Sexism from a mormon?  How can that be?

  • Jayn

     You’re advocating a very all or nothing approach, and that’s not how many people see their religious faith. Different people can pull out different teachings as being most important to them, and just because someone rejects the ‘really ridiculous crap’ doesn’t mean they can’t find meaning in what’s left. Heck, ‘what’s left’ may be what made them feminists in the first place. And while they could reject their religion entirely and keep their ideological beliefs, there’s no reason they have to.

  • Martinrc

    Exactly, being religious means having to ignore reality in the first place, so its quite understandable that theists can also ignore parts of their religion that they don’t like to suit their needs.

  • Willy Occam

    “Mormon Feminists are Voting for Obama”

    Well, that’s three more votes for Obama…. 

  • Willy Occam

     One word: Compartmentalization.

  • northierthanthou

    I’m just glad to know that there is such a thing.

  • Teressa Brewer

    If Mitt Romney’s traitorous activities, such as
    voter tampering, election rigging, and he and his leacherous son, who has
    controlling ownership and preferred stock in the voting machines, software and
    counting machines nationwide, (Diebold and one other), is elected President of
    the United States, there is more than a huge possibility that it will bring
    death and destruction “by “attrition,” and nuclear war, just as he declared
    twice in the Presidential debates. Even Prime Minister Putin is preparing for
    nuclear war, due to Romney’s comments and inability to communicate effectively
    with the heads of other nations.
    But wait, there’s more! Mitt has to win
    in order to seat The Anti-Christ to reign in the world and put in place 200
    years of Mormon prophesy of bringing their Christ to rule in Utah (Their Zion)
    or Missouri, which they believe is the original Garden of Eden. This is no
    joke. Neither is it a laughing matter even if you are an athiest. Look at the
    facts and then combine them with biblical prophesy, as I have done during this
    investigation that leads to hell for those who are not prepared spiritually.
    As the most perfect storm of history that could cause billions in damage
    and wipe out the east coast hits, I ferverishly and very frustratingly try to
    put the info out there. As a newly resigned, Mormon I know first hand the
    agenda ahead which they and most of the elite are hoping for. This race for the
    Presidency has revealed such horrors about Mitt Romney and his dirty money and
    damage that I could no longer feel clean being a member of the same church and
    it is because of all that’s been disclosed about Mitt Romney diabolic
    actions, that I resigned my 47 year membership. The actions he has committed
    show me more of a man of Satan than of God. How dare he or anyone in his
    business hold a position in any Priesthood, under the name of God or Jesus!
    What a farce for him and the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saint’s
    to be pulling. And they are in collusion together with even scarier entities.
    The Anti-Christ has risen. A very dangerous Anti-Christ…

    Parley P. Pratt: “Joseph
    Smith Still Holds the Keys.” Romney is related to both Prat and Joseph
    Smith. Prat was ritually assassinated by Masons after legalizing
    polygamy in court case. His death was avenged by the Meadows Massacacre,
    when a wagon train of pilgrims were assinated by members of the LDS. It
    is no accident that Raymond Howard Elwood (aka: Raymond Howard Lear), who is
    also a decendent of Joseph Smith, just the same as is Mitt Romney, claims to be
    THE MESSIAH at International Church of Lord Rayel (ICLR). This false
    messiah also uses the names of LORD RAEL, LORD RA-EL and LORD RAYEL, is also
    Mason and Illuminati according to his false priests recruiter Angelus Domini.
    Richard Ruff, is their Torah Code reader and also has done codes on Mitt Romney
    and he too is pushing the Romney Presidency because he’s Mason and delcaired
    Illuminati and also a member of International Church of Lord Rayel, (ICLR).
    Their Prime Cleric is High Priestess Breanna Marrical Mixon who is a The Wiccan
    High Priestess and in the Collins geneological line of Wiccan Witches. Raymond
    Elwood is in the Smith Line, just as is Romney. There is a relation and this is
    serious business to Mormons. This prophesy MUST be fullfilled for them to
    control the world and bring their God to rein! There is more worshipping of
    Joseph Smith than Jesus Christ and it wracked me to the core when I learned
    about the Meadow’s Massacre and so much more. These are not things that the
    members are ever told about and the Priesthold works very hard to guard the
    members from knowing the real truth and agenda of the Council of 70, which Mitt
    Romney is a huge part of. Ra=Satan and El=God. Get it now? Satan
    God. So yes, that’s pretty serious any way you look at it. Even if you’re
    blind we will all still be affected horribly if Romney wins. Elders and
    children and the poor will most likely be wiped out or sold into slavery within
    the system. Oh I amost forgot Lyin Ryan. These are the three frogs the sixth
    seal/vial in Revelations.

    “LORD RAEL and LORD RAYEL, as he attempts to fool you and harvest your very soul
    by believing he is the true Jesus Christ returned. HE IS NOT THE TRUE
    MESSIAH! HE AND MITT ROMNEY are deeply connected to the Mormon Agenda of
    making Mitt Romney the President and seating the Anti-Christ upon the Throne of
    the Catholic Church and Romney on the throne of the Mormon church. Rael and
    Romney are both the illuminati’s fulfilled prophesy as well as the Holy

    What’s the Mormon Agenda? To bring their false
    God Satan and their Lord to reign over the world. Their “God” is

    HIS MAIN SERVANT IS MITT ROMNEY! Your vote for him will support not only the
    destruction of the US, but also the world.

    For more information go to youtube and google
    all the names above and most importantly Mitt Romney and the Anti-Christ. There
    are many supporting videos and evidence.

    The six vial/seal in Rev. 17 has been unleashed
    upon the world. It’s here, whether or not you are a spiritual person, the
    evidence is too abundantly evident to ignore.

    THE GREAT Tribulation actually began with the
    9.3 earthquake in Indonesia December 26, 2004. The Great Tribulation is
    prophesied to last 7 years. This December will mark the eigth year since
    then. As of today, that’s 60 days away. Therefore, we ARE in the 7th

    The seventh vial/seal will bring the
    destruction of Babylon. Now, who do you think that one indicates? Go ahead and
    look it up yourselves. Revelation 17 and 18. Read the entire chapters to fully