Jon Lajoie Is Paid To Oppose Marriage Equality. Nails It.

You may recognize Jon Lajoie from his role on The League, but he also has some really funny YouTube videos.

Jon Lajoie

His most recent video, discussing the issue of same-sex marriage, is fantastic:

Recently, a lot of celebrities and public figures have been coming out in support of same-sex marriage, which is great. However, there are still some people who oppose same-sex marriage. And some of those people happen to have a lot of money and they also need celebrities to endorse their point of view.  Lord knows I would do anything for money, so let’s get this thing started!

Besides being a really funny video, it contains my favorite hypothetical description of Jesus of all time. I would transcribe it for you, but there is absolutely no way it can be done justice by writing it down.

Spoiler Alert: Jesus is not Danny Glover.

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