In Case You Forgot Why You Stopped Attending Church…

The folks at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, Georgia really want your money. We know this because they say it repeatedly in this video in which they impersonate the singing husband/wife duo Bobbi and Marty Culp from Saturday Night Live.

Oh, the awkwardness…

By the way, this is the same church that previously released “Tithing and I Know It.”

Someone please give them money so they stop.

Please. Make. It. Stop.

(via The Museum of Idolatry)

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I’d rather listen to Rebecca Black sing Friday for an hour straight than the above video. I lasted about 15 seconds once the singing started.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Giving them money only encourages and enables them. Please. Don’t.

  • Lee Miller

    15 seconds?  Wow.  I am impressed.  I lasted about 2.  Christians are fucking idiots when you look at them without your God-colored glasses on.

  • JD929

    Lame. Timing and I know it? They forgot about the part where Jesus only spoke negatively about tithing?

    Sounds like a bunch of money grubbers to try to make videos to entice donations.

  • Minus

     This is a rejected SNL routine right?  ‘Cause noone really talk’s like that woman talks, right?  And her hair. . . no.  This has got to be a Poe.  Please god, let it be a Poe.

  • Annie

    I know I will be part of a very, very small minority, but I thought it was funny.  They did a pretty good job of impersonating the SNL skit, and the incessant begging for money was funny.  I wouldn’t give them a penny, but at least they are being honest.  Some pastors tell long stories about helping the poor or homeless.  These people say actually, we just want a bigger church.

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    honestly, in this economy one can almost feel sorry for the hucksters and grifters. the bottom line is that it’s a tough old world right now for many, many people. religion is all well and good and fun and all that, but it doesn’t exactly pay off, unless you are the person who gets to count the collection plate. for some reason, jeebus isn’t so good with that whole answering prayers to find a paying job stuff. odd, that. so it’s easy to understand that the traditional customers of the sunday  TV show known as “church” may be cancelling their subscriptions in favor of things like food and rent. 

    the big name religious con artists will always do fine; they have plenty of powerful political friends who’ll make sure they always have access to TV stations and federal ‘faith based’ money (grrr). but the little store front church begging professionals who have supported themselves on the gullibility of the poor in the past? i bet a lot of them are a’hurtin, powerful, just about now. 

  • Dervilia

    Welcome to Augusta.

  • Serge Fjetland

    not sure if a poe or not…

  • Octoberfurst

     I listened to 30 seconds of their song before I had the strong urge to put a gun in my mouth.  Thankfully I decided to just turn the video off.  That was HORRIBLE!

  • Rando

    Still, it’s better than “Christian Side Hug.”

  • Thin-ice

    Hey, this skit depends on a prior knowledge of SNL characters. I didn’t think Christians should be watching SNL. When I was in the church I was told it was evil. So I guess a lot of today’s church members are a lot more worldly than I was allowed to be…

  • allein

    Yeah, don’t they have to get up early the next day? They shouldn’t stay up so late.

    Can’t watch the video since I’m at work (on lunch) but after reading the comments I’m thinking that’s a good thing.