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I am age 78, once a Catholic priest for five years (in the 1960's), then a math teacher for 44 years up to the present day. I became an atheist a few years ago. My hobbies are music and chess.

  • kalimsaki

    Hi Edward,
    Said Nursi had proved the existence of God in his books.
    I want to share some part From Risalei Nur collection by Said Nursi (23th word)
    Man is such an antique work of art of Almighty God. He is a most subtle and graceful miracle of His power whom He created to manifest all his Names and their inscriptions, in the form of a miniature specimen of the universe. If the light of belief enters his being, all the meaningful inscriptions on him may be read. As one who believes, he reads them consciously, and through that relation, causes others to read them. That is to say, the dominical art in man becomes apparent through meanings like, “I am the creature and artefact of the All-Glorious Maker. I manifest His mercy and munificence.” That is, belief, which consists of being connected to the Maker, makes apparent all the works of art in man. Man’s value is in accordance with that dominical art and by virtue of being a mirror to the Eternally Besought One. In this respect insignificant man becomes God’s addressee and a guest of the Sustainer worthy of Paradise superior to all other creatures.
    However, should unbelief, which consists of the severance of the relation, enter man’s being, then all those meaningful inscriptions of the Divine Names are plunged into darkness and become illegible. For if the Maker is forgotten, the spiritual aspects which look to Him will not be comprehended, they will be as though reversed. The majority of those meaningful sublime arts and elevated inscriptions will be hidden. The remainder, those that may be seen with the eye, will be attributed to lowly causes, nature, and chance, and will become utterly devoid of value. While they are all brilliant diamonds, they become dull pieces of glass. His importance looks only to his animal, physical being. And as we said, the aim and fruit of his physical being is only to pass a brief and partial life as the most impotent, needy, and grieving of animals. Then it decays and departs. See how unbelief destroys human nature, and transforms it from diamonds into coal.

  • kalimsaki

    Hi Edward I am continuing sharing my knowledge

    What is belief in God?

    I want to share this sentences From Risalei Nur collection by Said Nursi



    Belief is both light and strength. Yes, one who
    acquires true belief may challenge the whole universe and be saved from the
    pressure of events in accordance with the strength of his belief. Saying, “I
    place my trust in God,” he travels through the mountainous waves of events in
    the ship of life in complete safety. He entrusts all his burdens to the hand of
    power of the Absolutely Powerful One, voyages through the world in ease, then
    takes his rest in the Intermediate Realm. Later he may fly up to Paradise in
    order to enter eternal happiness. Otherwise, if he does not rely on God, rather
    than flying, the burdens of the world will drag him down to the lowest of the
    low. That is to say, belief necessitates affirmation of Divine unity,
    affirmation of Divine unity necessitates submission to God, submission to God
    necessitates reliance on God, and reliance on God necessarily leads to
    happiness in this world and the next. But do not
    misunderstand this, reliance on God is not to reject causes altogether; it is
    rather to know that causes are a veil to the hand of power and have recourse to
    them. Knowing that attempting causes is a sort of active prayer, it is to seek
    the effects only from Almighty God, recognize that the results are from Him
    alone, and to be thankful to Him.

    Belief makes man into man, indeed, it
    makes man into a king. Since this is so, man’s basic duty is belief and
    supplication. Unbelief makes man into an extremely impotent beast.

    Out of thousands of proofs of this matter,
    the differences in the ways animals and man come into the world are a clear
    indication and decisive proof.

    Yes, these differences show that humanity
    becomes humanity through belief. For when animals come into the world, they
    come complete in all points in accordance with their abilities as though having
    been perfected in another world; that is, they are sent. They learn all the
    conditions of their lives, their relationships with the universe, and the laws
    of life in either two hours or two days or two months, and become proficient in
    them. Animals like sparrows and bees acquire in twenty days the power to
    survive and proficiency in their actions that man only acquires in twenty
    years; that is, they are inspired with them. This means that the animals’ fundamental
    duty is not to be perfected through learning and progress by acquiring
    knowledge, nor to seek help and offer supplications through displaying their
    impotence, but in accordance with their abilities to work and act. Their duty
    is active worship.

    As for man, he needs to learn everything
    when he comes into the world; he is ignorant, and cannot even learn completely
    the conditions of life in twenty years. Indeed, he needs to go on learning till
    the end of his life. Also he is sent to the world in a most weak and impotent
    form, and can only rise to his feet in one or two years. Only in fifteen years
    can he distinguish between harm and benefit, and with the help of mankind’s
    experience attract things advantageous to him and avoid others that are harmful.
    This means that man’s innate duty is to be perfected through learning and to
    proclaim his worship of God and servitude to Him through supplication. That is
    to say, it is to know the answers of the questions: “Through whose compassion
    is my life so wisely administered in this way? Through whose generosity am I so
    kindly raised? Through whose graciousness am I so delicately nurtured and
    ministered to?” It is to beseech and supplicate the Provider of Needs through
    the tongue of impotence and poverty; it is to seek from Him. It is to fly to
    the high station of worship and servitude to God on the wings of impotence and

    This means that man came to this world to
    be perfected by means of knowledge and supplication. In regard to his nature
    and abilities everything is tied to knowledge. And the foundation, source,
    light, and spirit of all true knowledge is knowledge of God, and its essence
    and basis is belief in God.

    Furthermore, since man is subject to
    endless tribulations and afflicted with innumerable enemies despite his
    boundless impotence, and suffers from endless needs and has innumerable desires
    despite his boundless poverty, after belief, his fundamental innate duty is
    supplication. As for supplication, it is the basis of worship of God and
    servitude to Him. In order to secure a desire or wish he cannot obtain, a child
    will either cry or ask for it, that is, he will supplicate through the tongue
    of his impotence either actively or verbally, and will be successful in
    securing it. In the same way, man is like a delicate, petted child in the world
    of living creatures. He has to either weep at the Court of the Most Merciful
    and Compassionate One through his weakness and impotence, or supplicate through
    his poverty and need, so that the things he wants may be made subject to him,
    or he may offer thanks for their being made so. Otherwise like a silly child
    who creates a fuss over a fly, saying: “With my own strength I subjugate things
    it is not possible to subjugate and things a thousand times more powerful, and
    I make them obey me through my own ideas and measures,” he displays ingratitude
    for the bounties. And just as this is contrary to man’s innate nature, so he
    makes himself deserving of severe punishment.

  • Gordon Duffy

    I think I’ve solved it… 

  • http://www.facebook.com/conticreative Marco C

    Do you realize that this whole thing makes absolutely no sense? I see a bunch of disjointed statements that neither prove or disprove anything.
    As far as diamonds and coal, an old Italian song once said:
    “Nothing grows on diamonds, but from manure flowers are born”.
    Fabrizio De’Andre “Via Del campo”
    The story of a salaryman that falls in love with a prostitute with eyes green as a leaf and grey as the street. 
    If you want to make love to her, hold her hand and walk up the stairs.
    And  when she looks at you and smiles you’ll realize that heaven was only up a flight of stairs.

  • Edward Tarte

    Kalimsaki, I agree with Marco C that the content of your comments makes no sense.  Besides that, your comments are inappropriate under this particular video of mine, which deals with math education.  I ask that you delete them.  If you want to make a comment related to this video, I welcome it.  Otherwise, I do not welcome your comments.

  • dengo56267

    I think Kalimsaki tries to say something to you Edward