I’m an Atheist and Here’s Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama

Over the weekend, I appeared on a public radio show called Interfaith Voices to talk about why I, as an atheist, am voting for Barack Obama in this election:

You can hear the entire program here and the relevant part here. (I would embed the code except it plays automatically and that’s just annoying.)

I’m juxtaposed with a Catholic woman who is voting for Mitt Romney.

Keep in mind that most of the 30-minute conversation was edited down to just a few minutes and that (obviously) I don’t represent all atheist voters. But hopefully I didn’t screw things up too royally :)

Listening to it now, I realize one of the parts they cut out included some of my criticisms against Obama (like the fact that he expanded the office of faith-based initiatives). So keep that in mind as you hear the segment — Obama’s not without fault, but on the broader issues that I care about, I’m excited to cast a vote for him.

"you are absolutely right. thank you. I tend to oversalt the soup too."

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