Richard Dawkins Explores the Meaning of Life as an Atheist

In his latest documentary for Channel 4, Richard Dawkins explores Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life. The series has three episodes and runs through the end of the month. Episode 1 was about “sin” and Episode 2 was about what science can tell us about death.

In Episode 3, Dawkins talks about the meaning of life as an atheist:

I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, so if you like any particular moments, please leave the timestamps and summary in the comments!

But here’s one part you won’t want to miss: Ricky Gervais shows up at the 36:00 mark :)

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  • Jason Horton

    For those of us from England who actually get Channel 4 and are blocked from watching it on YouTube (for some reason) here is a link to the 4OD series ==>

  • jose

    This guy makes more movies than Woody Allen, how does he manage?!

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    i don’t have strong opinions either way about RD. but i object to the questions he appears to be addressing here. ‘meaning of life?’ ‘sin?’

    as an atheist, i don’t even respond to such; it only gives my opponents ammunition. there is no such thing as “sin,” just as there is no easter bunny. life, the biological and physical process by which organisms exist and reproduce, is not motivated nor directed by “meaning,” which is a purely human construct and based in religious belief, for the most part. 

    taking these things seriously is only useful in one sense: if you’re RD, it puts a paycheck in your pocket, b/c you get to be on TV and sound Serious and Important. i hope he cashed out for a lot. 

  • Steve Andrew

    I’ve seen the first 2 parts of this and I’m really enjoying it. The thing that strikes me is that Dawkins is polite, non-confrontational and non-controversial throughout, but you can bet that he will still be accused of being strident and angry.

    He has a cute dog too. :-)

  • SimonLake

    I’m assuming by your comment that you haven’t viewed the series? I highly suggest it, because Dawkins addresses almost everything you seem to be referring to (and brilliantly, i might add).

    Give it a go.