Good News for a Pastor-Turned-Atheist

Our friend Jerry DeWitt is the subject of some exciting news!

Jerry DeWitt (Julie Glassberg – The New York Times)

First,his book Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey from Belief to Atheism is finally available to pre-order! It’s not scheduled for release until next May, but it’s already one of those books I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Second, as many of you know, Jerry has been having a tough time making that transition out of the pulpit. It’s hard to find a job, period, but it’s especially hard when your entire resume consists of the word “Church.” So the Freedom From Religion Foundation has announced that Jerry will be the first recipient of their “Clergy Project Hardship Grant.” How much money that is, we don’t know just yet, but hopefully, it’s enough to keep Jerry going for a little while as he continues to inspire other closeted atheists to leave the churches at which they serve as pastors.

(via Richard Dawkins Foundation)

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