Focus on the Family Video Implies That a Vote for a Democrat Is a Vote Against God

Focus on the Family’s political action group, CitizenLink, would like to warn you that if you vote for President Obama, you must hate God and America:

That’s weird juxtaposition, though… especially since plenty of Democrats voted “Yes” in that video to reinstate the word “God” back into the Democratic Party’s platform. It was a sloppy vote — it didn’t get the two-thirds majority it needed — and it shouldn’t have gone down like that, but the Democrats ultimately changed their platform to placate the religious. You would think Focus on the Family appreciates empty gestures like that.

But even if that vote wasn’t approved and God didn’t appear in the Democratic Party’s platform, it wouldn’t change a damn thing. It’s not like Christians were all-of-a-sudden going to be persecuted in Obama’s second term in office.

It’s just another example of the Christian Persecution Complex. If they don’t act like everyone’s always after them, no one pays them much attention. And then, how will they win bonus Jesus points?!

The video says that, when it comes to preserving religious liberty, “not all agree.” That may be true, but not in the way CitizenLink suggests. Democrats aren’t against religious liberty. Atheists aren’t against it, either. We prefer keeping church and state separate because it’s better for everybody, including the religious. Churches thrive when they’re not regulated (yet they still pretend like they have little to no power). If anything, they should be thanking the President for expanding the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

The only point of this video is to instill fear into Christians and stop them from voting for a candidate who is really no threat to them at all.

It reeks of desperation.

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