Focus on the Family Video Implies That a Vote for a Democrat Is a Vote Against God

Focus on the Family’s political action group, CitizenLink, would like to warn you that if you vote for President Obama, you must hate God and America:

That’s weird juxtaposition, though… especially since plenty of Democrats voted “Yes” in that video to reinstate the word “God” back into the Democratic Party’s platform. It was a sloppy vote — it didn’t get the two-thirds majority it needed — and it shouldn’t have gone down like that, but the Democrats ultimately changed their platform to placate the religious. You would think Focus on the Family appreciates empty gestures like that.

But even if that vote wasn’t approved and God didn’t appear in the Democratic Party’s platform, it wouldn’t change a damn thing. It’s not like Christians were all-of-a-sudden going to be persecuted in Obama’s second term in office.

It’s just another example of the Christian Persecution Complex. If they don’t act like everyone’s always after them, no one pays them much attention. And then, how will they win bonus Jesus points?!

The video says that, when it comes to preserving religious liberty, “not all agree.” That may be true, but not in the way CitizenLink suggests. Democrats aren’t against religious liberty. Atheists aren’t against it, either. We prefer keeping church and state separate because it’s better for everybody, including the religious. Churches thrive when they’re not regulated (yet they still pretend like they have little to no power). If anything, they should be thanking the President for expanding the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

The only point of this video is to instill fear into Christians and stop them from voting for a candidate who is really no threat to them at all.

It reeks of desperation.

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  • CelticWhisper

    Oh puh-leeze.

    Hey, I got an idea.  The US runs on the principle that all people are equal (I know, I know, ask the 99% how that’s working out, but still).  If Lordy McJesusGod cares soooooooo much about a GOP victory, then how about he drags his divine ass down here and stands in line with the rest of us at the polls on Tuesday?

    “One Deity, One Vote.”

    …’s got a ring to it.

  • C Peterson

    Well, if a vote for a Democrat is a vote against God, all the more reason to cast it. Unfortunately, nearly as many Democrats as Republicans maintain an idiotic belief in some sort of god.

  • Holytape

    Yeah, but the democrat’s god is a different god.   The GOP believes in Jesus with a capital ‘J’ while the democrats believe in jesus with a lower ‘j’ which is just a fancy way of saying ‘sodomy’.  I hope that clears things up.  

    Fear and Loathing

  • rlrose63

    It may be desperation, but it is desperation that speaks to the followers.  But really, it’s a waste of money at this point.  I would consider this “singing to the choir” at this point.  But it did serve to aggravate some atheists, so I guess it did serve a purpose afterall.  (But I do love CelticWhisper’s idea of Lordy McJesusGod coming to vote himself.)

  • TheG

    I want to quote one of the best regional stand up comics (a devout Christian, FWIW) based in Denver, Deacon Gray:

    “What most people don’t understand is that if Jesus ran for president, most Republicans wouldn’t vote for him.  First of all, he’s Jewish.  Secondly, they couldn’t imagine his first day in office.  (On the telephone) ‘Yeah, hi.  This is President Jesus.  Yeah, you know that country we just invaded?  We have to pull out.  Yeah, it turns out I’m from there… What?  Oh, I was a carpenter.  What did carpenters build back then?  Turns out a lot of crosses…’”

  • Patrickd509

     Yeah, it reminds me of the time some friends and I were standing around casually chatting politics, and this older guy comes up, confidently assuming he could turn the subject to the “Lord” – where it always belongs – and tosses in his friendly-like Jesus comment.  Without missing a beat, one of us turns to him, smiling and at least partly serious, and asks, “And which candidate is He supporting in the upcoming elections?”

    He had no real answer, of course, but it was quite amusing, with no hostility to taint it.

  • TheG

    BTW, comments and ratings on the video have been disabled.  That’s a sure sign of a winning position.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Two things about this ad

    1) A vote for democrats can’t be a vote against god because god doesn’t exist, but if he did and voting democrat did mean that then I would be even more happy to vote democrat.

    2) All this add reminds me is how disappointed I was when the democrats did that at their convention. 

  • Quintin van Zuijlen

    And thus Hindu’s became a dominant political power…


    GOP:  God’s Own Party

  • pagansister

    Looks like I’m in a lot of trouble——-I don’t belong to either of the parties—-but I’m certainly not voting for Mitt!  Sorry god.  :o)         Of course one must consider the source of the statement that voting for a Democrat is voting against God.    

  • Benjamin Hamilton

    Really?  Who cares what Focus on the Family thinks?  They have power in the far reaches of the Republican Party that laps that shit up.  Most people do not listen to Focus on the Family.  And if they do, we’re about to have President Romney.  And we’re not.

    Personally,  I don’t care if a person is a believer or not.  As long as there isn’t any more encroachment on public policy by religious people with their beliefs as opposed to the rule of law and separation of church and state: we’re cool.  We’re bound to get more and more people when they go to college and the high access to information that the Internet provides.

  • Robster

    Karen, Richard and jesus Carpenter. Harmonies for a troubled world.

  • Sue Blue

    They’re  right.  I do hate God and America…the Republican idea of  a God-soaked America, that is.  I’ve already cast my heathen, God-and-America-Hating vote.  So there, Fuckus on The Family!