The Awful Things Christians Say About LGBT Children

How many young children have to kill themselves before the message becomes clear: You don’t have to physically abuse children to make them feel worthless and suicidal. Christians often say they “love the sinner but hate the sin” but their words (and votes) rarely match up with their rhetoric.

The video below, produced by FaithandEquality, highlights some of the awful language pastors use when talking about homosexuality. It’s disturbing to me and I’ve seen all those clips before. Whether it’s talking about how to abuse your gay children or wishing for the day all gay people will die out, it’s a stark reminder that “God’s love” is something we’re all better off without:

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  • Fargofan

    Not only have you seen them before, but you’re also an adult. I can’t imagine the impression their hateful words make on vulnerable kids.

  • brianmacker

    The same kind of nonsense they spew about atheists.

  • Silo Mowbray

    “How many young children have to kill themselves before the message becomes clear [?]”

    It’s been abundantly clear for a long, long while. But many people choose not to see it, and those people are the ones who deserve to be on the receiving end of a fuckton of anger, ridicule, censure and shaming.

    I wish the bigots would die off. Soon.

  • Stev84

    As Dan Savage said about Tony Perkins, in some perverse way they welcome the suicides and the mental anguish. It allows them to argue – in a circle of course – that gay people have more mental health problems and thus need “treatment”

  • Gary Hill

    Did one of those cretins suggest that if all the lesbians, homosexuals (and queers!) were put in concentration camps for life then homosexuality would die out in the rest of the population?

    And that would work, how…? Perhaps he should put down the Bible and pick up Biology 101.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    On my local news web site an idiot said something along the same lines. That since the gays cannot procreate they are going to just die off. I then informed him as long as people are procreating there will always be gay people.

    He never did respond to my post though.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Didn’t you know that all atheist are gay, bi or transgender?

  • Achron Timeless

    Well, if you take their presupposition that gay people can’t procreate, then where do all the gay children come from? Straight people. So it’s their fault really =)

  • Achron Timeless

    As a bi transgender atheist… I suppose I’m a walking stereotype to them.

  • Achron Timeless

    Create the problem then sell you the cure. It’s the christian way. 

    Living a happy life? Well, have you heard about the eternal flesh searing land of fire that you’ll be tortured in FOREVER?! Here, buy these books, donate 10% of your income, and do exactly what we tell you to and maybe you’ll avoid it. *eyeroll*

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    You are beyond a stereotype. You are the devil and the most evil human to ever walk this earth, well; other than Obama.

  • Achron Timeless

    Oh you flatterer =)

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I’ve been telling them that one for sometime as well but when I do. I normally am meant with silence.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Don’t make me break out my thigh high 5″ heel boots and join you in a walk. Well, I can’t walk worth a shit in them to be honest. 

  • Adam Patrick

    But that textbook may contain evilution! Can’t have them learning about that. They might turn into psychopathic murderers since they learned they are just animals!

    Wow, that was actually hard to write. How do they come up with that stuff on a regular basis and completely mean it when they say it?

  • Kayla

    Unfortunately you can’t be rational with those irrational folks.

  • Little Magpie

     Sorry just gotta say, adored this whole subthread. Speaking as a bisexual, agnostic-pagan, commie crazy cat lady. ;D

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Well I consider myself bi-sexual but I’ve not done anything with another guy in over 20 years but I seem to have what they call 
    transvestic fetishism and hence the reason I have the boots. I will never understand why it is ok for women to wear men’s boxers but if a man wants to wear sexy woman undies he is not normal.

  • arthur1526

    What to say to an unhappy sick person?

    From Risalei Nur collection by
    Said Nursi.


    Do not be anxious, have patience! Your illness is not a malady
    for you; it is a sort of cure. For life departs like capital; if it yields no fruits, it is wasted; and if
     it passes in ease and heedlessness, it passes swiftly. Illness makes that capital of yours yield huge profits. Moreover, it does not allow your life to pass quickly, it restrains it and lengthens it, so that it will
    depart after yielding its fruits. An indication that your life is lengthened through illness is the following much repeated proverb: “The times of calamit y are long, the times of happiness, most brief.”

  • Coyotenose

    They do often assume that anyone who defends the rights of LGBTQ people must be one. When they do, you then know that you are dealing with a person who lacks basic empathy, and doesn’t even intellectually grasp the definition of it.

  • Coyotenose

     And a Furry also IIRC. You might actually catch up with Obama for evil and perversion!

    *hides tail and ears and doesn’t mention luring  a coworker into wearing them for Halloween, or blowing most weeks’ entertainment budgets on ridiculous fuzzy people art*

  • Coyotenose


  • Coyotenose

     It makes you feel dirty, doesn’t it? Just thinking about saying it with a straight face makes me itchy.

  • C Peterson

    It is one of the great hypocrisies of Christianity that it is, fundamentally, a religion of hate- despite the great lip service paid to the opposite concept. I’ve never encountered a Christian who shows much love outside their immediate circle… and often, not even that.

  • Achron Timeless

    Me? A furry? That’s.. preposterous! (hides bolt of fake fur for costume project under her desk.. along with the MLP figurines on her desk)

  • Miss_Beara

    In my experience they do, until you tell them you are an atheist. Then you never hear from the again.

  • Achron Timeless

    It is a little silly to assign gender to clothing isn’t it? There was a youtube comment I saw the other day linking lace to being gay. I still haven’t wrapped my head around that.

  • Achron Timeless

    Well, you can, but it requires strong headache medication and doesn’t accomplish much besides making you want to build a very tall fence around your house.

  • Jason Horton

    Then “I’m an atheist” should be the opening statement if it gets rid of them faster.

  • Tyrrlin Flamestrike

    Hello, fellow Furries.  :-)

  • Ibis3

     I guess all European men from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries (who could afford it) were  gay then? People are so friggin ignorant it’s appalling.

  • Jett Perrobone

     Why, hello to you too! *waves paw* :3

  • C Peterson

    Or gay. Or liberal. Or Islamic. Or the wrong “kind” of Christian. Or just about anything different.

  • Artor

    All the Quakers I’ve met are pretty cool, but I feel bad for them. They have to ignore huge portions of their own faith to be decent people.

  • Artor

    Wimp! Try walking around in cloven hooves. I don’t even HAVE heels!

  • Just_a_sheep

    When I lived in Toronto, years ago, I went to a church downtown. I was a bible-believing church. We had 3-gays come to our church as the gay neighbourhood was not far away. One of them stayed on the fringe but two of them converted because they found the love of Christ. They ended their homosexual relationships.
    One of them Barry was a university student and as a had a summer job vacancy I hired him for the summer. My straight staff at the office none of them Christians were appalled. But Barry did a good job and left for university that fall. Their his old gay buddies pulled him back into his old lifestyle. He left for New York and got Aids. He returned to Canada to receive treatment but it six months he died. 
    So tell me Mr Atheist who loved Barry me or his gay friends?

  • Coyotenose

     Jesus, exploiting a dead acquaintance for political points. Reckon you didn’t love him as much as you claim if you abuse his memory like that.

    The answer, though is probably both. But his gay friends understood that homosexuality is not a “lifestyle”. They are probably literate enough to use a simple Google search to learn that it’s an inborn condition with no inherent drawbacks except discrimination from bigots. (And no, AIDS is not an inherent drawback. The infection rate is higher among straight people than among gays.)

    So tell us, Mr. Christian: given that homosexuality is caused by epigenetic factors outside the control of the person, and that it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else in itself, why didn’t you love Barry enough as he was? Why did you have to make him feel that his natural urges were “sinful” when they were victimless?

    And why aren’t you able to get that your own story illustrates that it isn’t a voluntary condition that you just choose to not be?

  • Coyotenose

     Oh, by the way, it says reams about your “love” that when you see an article about children being abused to the point of suicide, your first instinct is to attack those who criticize the abusers. Maybe all that love was just too much for them.

  • Coyotenose

    Ummm… *plays with Twilight Sparkle at own desk*

    The staff at McDonald’s told me I was a really good dad because I knew the names of the MLP Happy Meal figures I was obviously trying to find for my daughter. Didn’t have the heart to tell them that I don’t have any kids.

  • Coyotenose

     Oh my gosh!

  • Coyotenose

     OH MY GOSH!

  • Coyotenose

     Psh, if you don’t have heels, you can’t trip on them. Therefore it’s obviously much easier. LOGIC!


  • RobMcCune

    So you think giving some a job in return for leaving a relationship, suppressing who they are, and doing what you tell them to do with their personal life constitutes love? That’s not how it works, caring for a person means accepting who they are, which in your story you did not do. Giving someone a job they will be dependent on, as well as a place you can keep an eye on them, seems more like a way to control them than help them. Which when we get down to it is what “christian love”  is all about.

    Btw, I find it hard to believe there were no christians in  your Canadian office. Don’t confuse not being a crazed fundamentalist with not being a christian.

  • Silo Mowbray

    I would say his gay friends, Mr. Self-Entitled Arrogant Asshole Theist. At least his gay friends accepted Barry for who he was, and didn’t try to convert him because some old jerks can’t handle the existence of buttsecks and use an old collection of bigotry in book form to condemn homosexuality.

    You theists really have a problem with reality, don’t you.

  • C Peterson

    His gay friends. If you supported his move away from his nature based on some false love idea of your fictional god, you damaged him. His death may even lie on your behavior.

    But for the foulness of your church, he might have had the strength to live a healthy gay life, free of externally imposed guilt.

  • AxeGrrl

    if you take their presupposition that gay people can’t procreate….

    Actually, you don’t even need to go any further than that, since that premise itself is unequivocally false!

    How on earth can these people be unaware of the fact that gay people can and DO procreate?  Do they live in caves or something?

  • smrnda

     This happens to me a lot. I am totally sexually inactive (since I’m asexual, which does not mean that I don’t get in romantic relationships) and Christians can’t imagine how I would defend people having casual sex when I’m not doing it (perhaps because I don’t feel the need to pretend to be better than other people?)

  • Gary Hill

    Just A Sheep: I’d be careful about the stories you tell if I were you, this one makes you sound like a small-minded, misinformed bigot…..
    “two of them converted because they found the love of Christ. They ended their homosexual relationships”.
    They might well have gained faith, and ended relationships, but they were still gay, weren’t they? So what exactly did the church do for them…..make them lonely, feel inferior to ‘normal’ people, add a nice big dollop of shame?
    “I hired him for the summer……….My straight staff at the office none of them Christians were appalled”.
    So you hired the poor little gay guy out of Christian charity did you? Or because he was simply good enough for the job, regardless of his sexual orientation? How did they know he was gay – did you tell them? Why? What possible difference would his sexual orientation make to a) how he might relate to them and b) how effectively he might do his job? If I had staff who were appalled I’d hired a gay guy I’d be looking at how I could have made such a mistake to hire such cretins – in fact from my experience you’re lucky they weren’t Christians….. Think back 100 years and substitute black for gay and you might be able to see what I’m getting at.
    “Their his old gay buddies pulled him back into his old lifestyle”.
    Because gay is just a lifestyle choice! So the real moral of your story is not that it’s a bad thing he chose to be gay but that he should have married a monogamous gay partner and lived happily ever after (which you can do in New York)!
    “He left for New York and got Aids”.
    Which, of course, couldn’t possibly have happened if he’d been straight……

  • wmdkitty


  • ragarth

    Well, let’s look at this critically. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for your logic and assume that this fellow’s ‘gay friends’ were part of a deeply oppressed gay minority (ala 70′s when religious persecution was strong nation-wide, or places where Religion is strong, but we’ll ignore those implications–you need all the help you can get reaching your conclusion). If they were part of an oppressed minority, then it’s conceivable that their influence on his getting aids was greater than your influence on his getting aids since progressive gays would have introduced him to safe sex, partner vetting, and monogamous practices while anti-gay sentiments such as yours tend to be closely tied with suppression of information that saves lives. This doesn’t matter though. They would still love him more than you.

    You see, love has nothing to do with ‘who had more to contribute to his aids.’ Love is about caring for the person, and my experience with people like you is that you don’t care about the person, you care about him as a notch on your belt for defeating the gay demon. To his friends, he was a person. To you, he was a statistic, both in life and death, and your use of him as a corpse-shaped punching bag shows this.

  • Achron Timeless

    Idea for atheist toys: a plush Logic Duck! Fun for kids of all ages.

  • RobertoTheChi

    You’re a sick excuse for a human being. You’re nothing but a bigoted asshole who can’t accept people for who they are.

  • Sindigo

    I don’t believe for one moment that any of that happened. In fact, I don’t believe that you have ever been in a position to hire anybody.