Vote for the 2012 Bad Faith Award

The Bad Faith Award is given out by New Humanist magazine and it goes to “the person who has made the year’s most outstanding contribution to talking unadulterated (and often destructive) nonsense about matters of religion.”

Voting is now open for this year’s contest!

Nominees include:

  • Todd Akin
  • Ghulam Ahmed Bilour
  • Lord Carey
  • Prince Charles
  • Joseph Dias and the Catholic Church in Mumbai
  • Nelson McCausland
  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien
  • Baroness Warsi

Details about who they are and why they’re deserving of the dishonor is on the New Humanist website.

I cast my vote — gotta love easy decisions. Who are you voting for?

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  • Aureliano_Buendia

    (First post, long time lurker!)
    I find a number of their choices odd, if the criteria is indeed “the person who has made the year’s most outstanding contribution to
    talking unadulterated (and often destructive) nonsense about matters of

    Todd Akin, for example, made idiotic comments about science, not necessarily religion; his comments on religion are no more outstanding than those made by many fervent Christians in the US.

    In the same way, anti-gay marriage comments by Keith O’Brien or YEC from McCausland are not necessarily outstanding either.

    I would argue that calling for the deaths of some filmmakers, like Ghulam Ahmed Bilour did on national television, or filing a lawsuit for “deliberately hurting religious feelings” like Joseph Dias did in Mumbai, are indeed beyond the breadth and scope of your typical nonsense.

  • Highlander

    Baroness Warsi was winning when I voted.  Seriously?  I would hardly call comparing secularism to totalitarianism in a speech all that egregious, especially when compared to calling for the deaths of the makers of a truly lame video, because your religious feelings were hurt.  Especially when you consider that the call was made by a government official to groups who are trying to topple the government for which he works.

    “I’m mad because someone made a lame joke about my religion so if you guys kill the guy for me, I’ll give you money to help you topple the government I work for and then I can be one of the next ones up against the wall, and you guys can return my country back to the 11th century.”

     Talk about bone headed.

  • Blessed Jim

    I voted for Todd Akin. While at first glance his comments might seem about scientific ignorance, they are actually motivated by religious bigotry. Akin represents the entire Republican/fundamentalist christian perversion that an individual’s freedom of choice is actually religious persecution of Christians.

  • Octoberfurst

     Wow, such an impressive array of absolute morons!  I had a bit of a tough time picking which cretin deserved the award. In the end I picked Ghulam Ahmed Bilour because he was the only one advocating that someone be killed.  But Baroness Warsi came in a close second for utter stupidity when she compared secularism to totalitarianism.  

  • Kacy

    I voted for Akin simply because Bryan Fischer and Truett Cathy weren’t nominees.  If they were, the decision would have been a bit more difficult. 

  • Gordon Duffy

     I voted for Warsi. She’s done more than that one sound bite.

  • Annie

    I voted for Joseph Dias… and I based my vote on the complete ridiculousness of the whole situation.

  • Baby_Raptor

    The author of that article set off warning bells fast. The “so-called” war on women? 

  • Richard Wade

    Not an easy choice for me. It’s a rogues gallery of proud-to-be-ignorant buffoons. I voted for Joseph Dias and the Catholic Church in Mumbai because that case is actually an indictment of the entire nation of India, a democracy that allows such bizarre laws as the one criminalizing “deliberately hurting religious feelings.”

    I have been an admirer of Sanal Edamaruku ever since I first heard of him a few years ago, and he has been forced to flee his country in order to avoid being imprisoned under this law for debunking a ridiculous claim about a “miraculous” dripping of water from the feet of Jesus on a garden crucifix. The local Catholic Church was making a lot of money from the throngs of gullible believers who were flocking there to get and drink some of the miraculous water, which turned out to be drainage from a nearby washroom. Yuck.

    Apparently spoiling the local Catholic Church’s ability to keep bilking people for the chance to drink nasty gray water from a wash room amounts to “hurting religious feelings.” India has a population of one and a quarter billion people. That is a gigantic reservoir of superstition that the whole world will have to have to carry into and through the 21st century. Having laws that criminalize challenging those superstitions has frightening implications. 

  • Little Magpie

    So many good choices. I ended up going for Lord Carey because that whole “your human rights and religious freedom are oppressing MEEEEEE!” thing odious. But Bilour is just as awful… too bad you’re supposed to only pick one. 

  • Alexandertimothy08

    I voted for the mumbai cross thing, but really, they’re all “winners” in my book.

  • Sandy Kokch

     See the blog address? Its run by a UK based org. So to its readership the execrable skinwaste Baroness Waaaah Waaaaah Warsi is the greatest of the roll of idiots.

    In the UK, which is now a majority non-believer nation according to polling in 2011, she did her level best as Chairperson of the Conservative Party to push a theocratic agenda. She was behind most of the major attacks on secularism during her time at the to of the Conservative administration. She was the one who penned or contributed to article after article attacking secularism. She is the one that broke the cardinal rule of British politics – “We DONT Do God”. The reason David Cameron felt emboldened enough to claim, laughably, that the UK is a “christian nation” is because Warsi had spent months saying exactly the same thing.

    And that chum is why she is running at the top, with Mr Aitken just nipping her heels. He said a few stupid things, Warsi has made a whole career out of saying stupid things.

  • Mommiest

    Most of this is just common crazy: stupid comments from religious zealots, gay-bashing, or quackery.
    Putting someone in fear of his life or forcing someone to flee his
    country by pressing charges against him is a whole ‘nother thing. That
    bad faith goes up to 11. My vote goes to the Catholic Church in Mumbai.

  • Guest

    It was a hard choice between Joseph Dias and Todd Akin, but I went with Joseph Dias.