The Richard Mourdock Version of Lena Dunham’s Campaign Ad

This is disturbing… and creepy… and probably wrong on all sorts of levels.

Yet, it effective reflects Republican thinking on how much right women have to control their own bodies:

(Thanks to @spotics for the link)

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  • Ibis3

    Um… I think a trigger warning might be in order with that one.

  • guest

     “Disturbing”, “creepy”, and “Republican thinking” should be enough to tip anyone off…

  • Gregory Lynn

    I don’t think creepy and disturbing really do that justice.

  • Tatarize

    Even setting your bar that high, it’s still creepy compared to creepy we’d expect.

  • wmdkitty


  • Sunny Day

    Should have put the hands on either shoulder and then gradually moved them to her neck.

    Could have squeezed a few more points of creepy out of that imagery. 

  • Rando

    This needs a sequel. Because, thanks to Republicans,  the next time she has a traumatic encounter with a man forcing his way into her vagina,  will be when she has to have a vaginal ultrasound before she can abort her rapists baby.

  • Gary Hill

    I live in the UK and if any politician, of any party, said anything like these guys have said their political careers would be over –  a video like this, made public and there would be NO WAY the party that it is aimed at would get elected – and I’m certain that would be the case for Spain, France, Germany, Holland etc etc.

    What the hell is wrong with the USA – we hear the election is on a knife edge??? Are standards really that low?

  • John of Indiana

    We have a faction in this country working to infiltrate and take over our government and make the US into a “Christian Nation”. Think Iran with Jeebus instead of Moe. One of the things they celebrate is The Fetus, especially the “little broken gift from Gawd” version. Thing is, they don’t care about that kid once it’s born until it’s old enough for military service.

    And once they have totally taken over the US, they’re coming for YOUR country! And YOUR country,  and YOURS and you too, yep, they want your country.

    Every country of the world will be forced to believe the “good news”, (thus the need to have as much cannon fodder born as possible) then Jeebus can return, I’m assuming to tell them they’re schmucks and he wants nothing to do with them…

  • John of Indiana

    If Mourdock wins, I’ma believe I live in a state populated by the criminally insane…

  • starskeptic


  • Frank Mitchell

    Said faction is actually pretty small, but they’re aided and abetted by the majority in states of the South and West.  Voters in those areas respond with Pavlovian conditioning to a small number of concepts: God good, gummint bad, guns good, taxes bad, “Freedom” good, “America” good.  They fail to consider that anyone invoking God, America, or Freedom might be scamming them, or that they already benefit from government programs funded by taxes (especially since many live close to if not in poverty).  So rich people allied with theocrats to convince voters that at all costs they must reduce taxes — even on the obscenely wealthy — and remove government regulations — especially the ones that restrain the rich and powerful.

    It’s not merely about keeping the status quo; it’s a radical rejection of policies that kind of worked in favor of those which never worked except in some mythical Golden Age.  (Gilded Age, more like.)  Those states already endorse abstinence-only sex education (God hates premarital sex) even though they also have the highest unwanted pregnancy rates in the country; they also consistently obstruct public family planning programs (God hates abortion).  Indeed all public programs have to go (because they restrict our Freedom) except the police and military, which always need more money regardless of actual crime or threats.  Gay marriage, atheism, Islam, “socialism” (anything to the left of Reagan), realistic diplomacy, and anything else unfamiliar are un-Godly and/or un-American.

    Wow, I wrote a lot.  Call me frustrated.

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    the only problem that i have with this is that a large number (majority?) of rapes are committed by people the victim knows. fathers, brothers, boyfriends, neighbors… this would’ve been that much more effective if they had found a way to incorporate that into the imaging. 

    still, lol. i’ll pass this around to my friends who have daughters. 

  • silas1898

     At least about half of them….

  • silas1898

     They should make a sequel.  Instead of rapist, use daddy, or uncle joe (the plumber)

  • Octoberfurst

    Frank you nailed it! I coudn’t have said it any better!  I too am frustrated as hell over the dominance that  the Religious Right has in this country. And I can’t get over how gullible those on the RR are. They are indeed sheeple.