Do You Have Friends Who Live In Washington State?

We are on the verge of making history in Washington State. Do you want to see the freedom to marry extended to all loving & committed gay and lesbian couples in Washington State?

Then please follow this link!

This Facebook app will cross reference your friends list with county records so that you can see which of your friends haven’t gotten their ballots in. You’ll have the opportunity to write them a quick note explaining why this issue is so important to you and encourage them to get their ballots in.

Washington State is a vote-by-mail state without polling places. Everyone must either mail in their ballots and have them postmarked by Nov. 6th OR get them to one of hundreds of dropboxes around the state by 8:00p on Tuesday.

And we desperately need every supportive vote we can get to APPROVE Ref. 74. The opposition has been pouring out their lies and misleading falsehoods through TV and radio ads. Their tactics are working — we’ve seen our healthy lead shrink to just a few points. That’s exactly what happened in California when marriage equality was overturned with Prop 8.  Now our biggest push is to get every supportive ballot in by Tuesday night so that we can make history with a victory for love.

UPDATE: Some have voiced concerns about Facebook being able to see if you’ve voted. It’s actually public knowledge who’s registered to vote and whether you’ve voted in each election. That’s also how people get on phone lists for political calls. Those who live in mail-in only states like Washington can avoid all of the robo-calls by mailing in their ballots as soon as they get them.

About Ericka M. Johnson

As a lover of science and reason, Ericka M. Johnson has an affinity for evolutionary biology and is the president of Seattle Atheists. She revels in any opportunity for a thoughtful debate on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything (especially over a pint.) Follow her on twitter @ErickaMJohnson

  • Helanna

    You know, it’s a good idea, and we need to make sure everyone’s voting, but . . . 

    Facebook can actually see if you voted?! Holy CRAP that’s kind of terrifying. 

  • Aguz

    Ben Ten tracing? Why? Couldn’t they get an actual artist to draw? 

  • MargueriteF

    Ugh, you can do this? Glad I’m not on Facebook much any more. I am very much in favor of gay marriage, but the thought of receiving a flood of notes from my friends pestering me to vote about ANY topic makes my hackles rise.

  • ErickaMJohnson

    The list of registered voters is public information, as is whether you vote or not. That’s also how you get on this phone call lists for political calls.

  • The Captain

    Wow almost everyday I’m reminded why am I glad I’m not on facefook! I don’t care if this is “public information” or not, it’s highly intrusive and way too personal to check on someone’s voting record, especially a “friend”. 

    Also this may come as a shock, bit I have friends who are against gay marriage. I know, shocker right, but some of us don’t base our friendships on making sure our friends agree with us on every issue. So since these people who don’t agree with us all the time are still our “friends” we try not to annoy the hell out of them by pushing our political views to them all the time. That’s what 1 AM bar arguments are for.

  • Matt Eggler

    “Those who live in mail-in only states like Washington can avoid all of the robo-calls by mailing in their ballots as soon as they get them.”
    Sadly, this statement is simply not true. I live in Washington and submitted my ballot two days after receiving it. That was over a week ago. I have been getting two to seven robo-calls every night, including three yesterday.

  • Mary Driftwood

     I live in WA, and apparently all my WA friends on FB have already voted. Yay, I hope! We’ll see on Tuesday….

  • ErickaMJohnson

    Interest. Either something happened with your ballot OR they have a less sophisticated system (you can check with your county) for making their lists.

  • Matt Eggler

    I had checked with King County after reading your post and they had my ballot.

  • Volunteer

    Maryland looks like it’s going to pass the same as well.

  • Freethnkr

    One advantage to that is that I no longer receive robocalls since I did early voting

  • ErickaMJohnson

    Glad to hear they have your ballot, sorry that you’re still getting robo-calls!

  • Gwen

     I vote absentee in CA. I always fill mine out a few days before the election and drop it off. That way, I can change my vote if there is an ‘October Surprise’.

  • Sindigo

    Facebook is the world’s biggest database on peoples’ relationships, entertainment preferences, status, everything about their lives really. And collectively, people have offered up this information completely voluntarily. I just can’t understand why.

  • Baal

     I go on Facebook just about as often as they totally ignore my setting all privacy settings to max and reset them to wide open.  I don’t have anything on there and would mind having my home wired ala BigBrother.  Why anyone doesn’t mind having the equivalent on FB is beyond me.

  • Sindigo

    I have friends who are IT professionals, are into cryptography, use Linux, won’t use Bluetooth at all and have their WiFi locked down tighter than a gnat’s chuff and yet have their entire lives on Facebook. I cannot understand this blind spot they seem to have when it comes to this aspect of their privacy. 

    I have one picture on Facebook and refuse to use it on my phone and that’s just so people who I used to go to school with or whatever can find me.

  • Nope

    ” I know, shocker right, but some of us don’t base our friendships on making sure our friends agree with us on every issue. ”

    Some of us choose our friends based on whether they are good people or not.  Some don’t, I guess.

  • The Captain

    Fuck you. Yes seriously fuck the living hell out of you. If we where just in a bar I’d of floored you. My friends are the best people on the planet, they are funny, witty, smart, and loyal. Some of them have driven hundreds of miles on a moments notice to help me out of a jam, but guess what, no, they are not perfect. 

    An asshole like you who would throw that kind of friendship under the bus because some of them don’t subscribe to every one of your little pet political views rather than try to slowly bring them around shows what kind of piece of shit person and friend you are rather than saying anything about them.