A Collection of Atheist Awesome, Episode 3

Hey all! Lauren here. I’m sure you have been thinking to yourself “where the crapsticks is my awesomness?!”

HAVE NO FEAR! I have found some for you.

This past week has been particularly stressful for me as, well, Skepticon is happening this weekend so I’ve digging deep to keep going. It’s times like these that I turn to my constant resource of awesomeness, my brother Mike (also known as Apeman, Apeface, Apey Ape, Sir Apesalot, and sometimes Pookie).

He likes to send me inspirational links when I’m having a rough day in order to help me keep motivated and going. Here are some of my favorites that he has sent me as of late:





This is a guest post by Lauren Lane. She is the co-founder of Skepticon. If you’d like to make a donation to the largest free skeptic conference in the nation held in Springfield, Missouri, you can do so here. We appreciate your support!

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