Final Gallup Poll Shows Those with ‘No Religion’ Favoring Obama 67% – 26% Over Romney

While the electoral college results are ultimately all that matters, it’s interesting to note that, according to Gallup, those without religion prefer President Obama over Mitt Romney 67% to 26%:

Again, we’re not a majority of the country, so that number may not mean much on a national level. It suggests to me, though, that if we can present our community as a strong voting bloc for liberal candidates, especially in states where we are becoming a force to be reckoned with, they will have no choice but to reach out to us and court our votes. That means promising (and then acting on) legislation that supports social progress and church/state separation, among other things.

I (early-)voted for the President last week in Illinois because Romney doesn’t represent my secular values. I hope the rest of you feel the same way.

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  • Amelia

    …otherwise you might be endangering your eternal soul, you know.

  • PietPuk

    Please don’t vote republican.

    The rest of the world

  • godanov

    Why in the hell would any even claim to vote for Mittins.

  • jose

    Damn, judging by the internet, you’d think the atheist conservative percentage would be higher. Loud libertarians not so numerous after all?

  • JonGaltFan

    Plenty of atheists are conservatives.

    Ayn Rand showed the way.  All those rabble you love so much are not going to help the country progress.  No poor man ever gave me a job.

  • JonGaltFan

    The rest of the world would kill us if they could.  And yet if not for us the rest of the world would have been dominated by the old Soviet Union.

    Lets see  how you like it when the Chinese rule the world in 2050.

  • PietPuk

    Thank you for trolling. You make a fine example of why it is such a shame that dumb people are allowed to vote.

    The rest of the world would kill us if they could

    Don’t believe everything you hear/read.

    And yet if not for us the rest of the world would have been dominated by the old Soviet Union.

    I have nothing against the US. Please have your doctor check you for your persecution complex.

    Lets see  how you like it when the Chinese rule the world in 2050.

    And how are you going to stop them, with another war? How has that worked out for the last 40 years?

  • PietPuk

    No poor man ever stole so much from a company that  it went bankrupt.

  • Ubi Dubium

    But a poor man probably built the computer you typed that on.  And sewed the clothes you are wearing.  And harvested the food you ate for breakfast.  No wait, probably a poor woman did all that.  Or maybe poor children.  Without that “rabble” working their butts off, you wouldn’t have much of anything.

  • Ubi Dubium

    The first time I loaded this page my browser borked and began playing the audio from all the ads on the page, all at once. They were all Romney ads!  Bleah.  I suppose I shouldn’t mind too much, because that means that his campaign is paying to get ads on this site, and so is supporting Hemant. 

    We voted last month, and we are going to take a day trip today to get away from all the “get out the vote” robocalls.

  • DougI

     To say no poor man ever gave you a job is rather selective bias isn’t it?  As for the rest of the world poor people are also consumers which create jobs by creating demand for products.

  • Andrew B.

     Great, I have to choose between a smarmy foreigner and an Ayn Rand dipshit.  Decisions, decisions.

  • PietPuk

    Choose the one that looks toward the future and wants a better place for everybody, not just for the rich, the white, the male and the religious.

  • Baal

     He’s not smarmy, he has horns.

  • Baal

     ok, I’ve read Atlas Shrugged (and the FountainHead).  It was mostly comic bookish but it was clear (from the Rand perspective) that no man worth being called a man would say, “who is john galt” nor would he use ‘jongalt’ as part of his nym. 

    The Rabble are people and are entitled to a decent life merely for being human beings.  The US has more than enough wealth to provide housing, education, food and healthcare for its entire population.   Countries with lower gdp per capita mange it so can we.

  • 3lemenope

    That’s simply not true. A major expense of small businesses (which tend to operate on very thin margins compared to their behemoth brothers, especially in certain sectors like retail and restaurants) is employee theft and fraud prevention. Sometimes those costs push businesses into insolvency. 

    I get your point, really I do, but this claim of yours is just not supportable. Trying to match rhetorical quips with a randroid is a fool’s game anyway. The better approach to “no poor man ever gave me a job” is to point out that businesses need consumers to survive, and while no individual poor person contributes enough through purchasing to support a job, there are a heckuva lot of them and their aggregate buying employs millions. It’s a particular intellectual disease of the modern Right that they just flat-out ignore the demand side of the equation, treat it as though it simply doesn’t exist; that jobs magically spring from the desires of suppliers and the whole “we need to sell things to people for this shit to work” part is lost. Like, for example, you’ll run into the meme often that money that is taxed somehow is “pulled out of the economy”, as though the government just takes those dollars, digs a pit, and throws them in. In reality, governments are practically monopsony purchasers in large sectors of the economy; they buy stuff, and a fuck ton at that. Every one of those purchases is money into a producer’s pockets, just as though a private person or another corporation made the same purchase.

    I’m gonna go get my vote on. :)

  • Gus Snarp

    Hahahahaha! That’s a good one!

  • Gus Snarp

    I think the point is that a rich man can steal from a company and drive it to bankruptcy, and do all the time, but a single poor man is unlikely to.

  • PietPuk

    You are correct. My claim was to simple, but understood not the less.

  • Iamatheistandsocanyou

    What is really scary is why 26% would vote for Romney.  Must be the influence of his magic underwear.

  • Pastor Dave Clark

    Too many people of faith think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. What’s with hand-baskets anyway?  Here’s my latest blog posting on why the Christians need to quit spreading the myth (through their constant complaining) that the world is just getting worse all the time.