It’s Election Day! Here’s To Love!

It’s 4am and the marriage equality troops are rallying at the Washington United Action Center in Seattle. In a few minutes, we will be hitting the streets here in the Capitol Hill neighborhood to put door hangers on every single door in this dense urban area. It’s a part of our Election Day Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. We’ll also be canvassing and phone banking all day until polls close at 8pm. For some on this campaign, today is the end of a year long campaign. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with such extra ordinary people to extend the freedom to marry to all of my friends. We may not know the results tonight; this is the state that elected a governor by  just 133 votes. Hopefully this race won’t be so tight.

Later today, I’ll be live blogging about the marriage equality results in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and here in Washington. And I’d like to ask you a favor: Please vote today. It’s a simple act to let your secular voice be heard. And it’s part of how we make the world a better place.

For now, I’ll leave you with the music that was playing while I wrote this:

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