Thank You, Pete Stark

More information on Pete Stark‘s loss is here.

(via American Humanist Association)

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  • mikespeir


  • Guest

    A true ‘humanist’ should save the world from himself.

  • Baal

    So there can’t be any humanists because if they truly cared about other people they’d all suicide?  You should feel bad for wishing harm on a large number of other people (who otherwise are working for the betterment of everyone).  Do you kick puppies in your spare time?

  • Philip Wielgus

    Dont know a whole lot about the guy but I thought he had a reputation as an asshat.

  • Deven Kale

     In favor of who, might I ask?

  • Basementmatt
  • IndyFitz

    Another reason why guest and anonymous posting should be disallowed. Trolls are entertaining to a point, but mostly they just take up space. Go away, troll.

  • Deven Kale

     I disagree. I think allowing these unregistered, anonymous posts are a good thing. When one of these people come and vomit their ridiculous ideas all over the place, it’s quite easy to clean up their mess, point out their flaws, and then move on. It just goes to show that they really do have nothing worthwhile to say, and that we really do have the stronger position.