Christian Pastor: Superstorm Sandy Happened Because NYC’s Mayor Supported Marriage Equality in Maryland

We’re very lucky to have pastors like Luke J. Robinson of Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland to explain the ramifications of growing approval of marriage equality:

Pastor Luke J. Robinson

[Robinson] believes support of same-sex marriage and other acts he says God opposes could bring on the wrath of the Lord in the form of deadly storms and earthquakes.

God inflicted his wrath in the form of Superstorm Sandy on New York City, in part, because Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $250,000 to the same-sex marriage campaign in Maryland, Robinson said Sunday at a rally in Baker Park in opposition to Maryland’s same-sex marriage law.

The storm flirted with Maryland, he said in audio of the talk published by the Washington Blade, because there was still hope voters would reject the law at the polls.

All those meteorologists have no idea what they’re doing. Forget their fancy radars and barometers and computer models. All they need to do is see the polling data on same-sex marriage and they’ll know when some shit is about to go down.

Incidentally, in Frederick County, a majority of voters supported the same-sex marriage ballot measure :)

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  • jose

    I wonder what Katrina says about God’s opinion on black people.

  • GDad

    So did God not know the outcome of Maryland’s decision, or did he just not tell the storm what to do in that instance?  I’m confused.

  • MargueriteF

    “God inflicted his wrath in the form of Superstorm Sandy on New York City, in part, because Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $250,000 to the same-sex marriage campaign in Maryland…”

    God’s got lousy aim, doesn’t he? His omnipotent self is annoyed with the mayor, so he sends his wrath to batter a city with millions of inhabitants. Makes perfect sense. Oh, no, wait… actually, that makes no sense at all. It sounds like God is a really big two-year-old throwing tantrums.

    Petty people always seem to have a petty god. Funny how that works.

    • allein

      Seriously…and what about us in Jersey? Our governor is against gay marriage, last I heard. So what did we do to deserve this?

  • EivindKjorstad

    So, let me get this straight:

    1) He believes God uses unimaginable violence and kills dozens of people because one person disagrees with him about a moral question.

    2) He *worships* this God, and thinks that the God is just and fair. In other words, he believes bombing a village if you disagree with the village-chef about eating lamb on tuesdays, is a just and fair thing.

    It makes zero sense. *if* I believed such a God existed, I would consider him a terrorist and a tyrant. (if killing innocents and causing billions of dollars of property-damage in order to instill obedience isn’t terrorism, then what is ?)

    • Brian Scott

      That is precisely the issue. Again, realizing people are evaluators, the statement “my god sent a mega storm because of homos” unpacks to “it’s right to kill homos and their supporters”. It’s despicable.

      • EivindKjorstad

         Religious folks who thinks natural disasters are intended as Gods fair punishment, would logically be opposed to any kind of relief-work. Why soften the blow ?

  • Neil Rickert

    Perhaps God has inflicted his wrath on pastor Robinson, in the form of the re-election of Barack Obama.  This was obviously a message, telling him to reform his discriminatory ways.

    What is it about the religious right, that don’t understand their own theology?

  • Thackerie

    I bet the preacherman was severely peeved that Sandy bypassed Frederick, Maryland, with barely a sprinkle. Just think of how much his Bible creds would have increased if he could point to God’s wrath in his very own neighborhood. Pity.

  • Manoj Joseph


    “All those meteorologists have no idea what they’re doing. Forget their fancy radars and barometers and computer models.”

    What you imply is completely wrong. Meteorology is completely compatible with Superstorm Sandy being a result of God’s wrath.

    God in his infinite wisdom expected all of this to come to pass. He made Sandy happen the way all storms happen. Meteorology can and does predict it. But only theologians can explain the real root cause!

    If only you atheists would take a moment to understand the SCIENCE of theology!

    [Tongue firmly in cheek.]


  • cathouseumbrella

    God was mad at the mayor New York so he used Hurricane Sandy to kill 54 people in Haiti. Makes perfect sense.

  • Antinomian

    Silly Pastor Robinson; Sandy hit the Jersey Shore because he hates Snooki, Paulie, The Situation and J Wow….

    • allein

      Oh. Right.

      Never mind my question to MargueriteF above, then.

  • David Benjamin Patton

    Pastor Robinson,

    Are you 

    A.) Seriously that fucking stupid.


    B.) Seriously that immoral that you’re OK with preaching a bunch of lies to gullible people which you don’t even believe yourself.

    • Stev84

       Those aren’t mutually exclusive

      • Drakk

         That wasn’t an exclusive-or.

  • mikespeir

    Look at his face.  He really believes that crap!

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    the Grift is strong in this one. a little search engine effort shows he’s been jumping on the right wing uncle tom bandwagon of the moment for years. 

    come on, downlow bois. step up and show us the cell phone pics of you and rev. hitlerstache in the park. you know you have them. 

  • Rdunlap

    God sent Sandy to help President Obama’s reelection. After sending Isaac to disrupt the Republican convention in Tampa it is clear that god hates republicans and Mormons.

    • Pepe


      • Deven Kale

         Synonyms. ;)

  • Maleekwa

    In the early days of Christianity, good thinking people likely began asking questions like “we are believers! Why do bad things still happen to us?”

    Then this little gem was introduced:

    45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
    -Matthew 5:45

    So if it rains on the just and the unjust, how can we tell who is being punished? Who committed the offense? There is no empirical way to know. I would rather just say good and bad things happen to everyone. Instead of trying to lay blame, why not just try to help those in need?

  • TiltedHorizon

    Natural disasters are clearly God’s judgement for crimes committed. Make one wonder why natural disasters frequently target the bible belt.

    Tornado Risk Map:

    Bible Belt Map:

    • Tracy Bradley

      And miss Canada, a hotbed of social liberalism :)

  • C Peterson

    Sandy was an interesting storm, because it represents the first example where a strong connection can be made between an individual weather event (and the damage it caused) and anthropogenic global warming.

    The irony, of course, being that there’s a strong correlation between global warming deniers and the religious, and there’s a strong correlation between fundamental Christianity and the sort of politics that stands in the way of mitigating human-caused climate change.

    In a very real sense, this pastor and his ilk bear disproportionate responsibility for Sandy- and that’s a statement of science and statistics, not homophobic delusion.

    • jdm8

       The religious folk often believe that if the world will end, it will be by G-d’s judgement, not directly by mankind’s own folly. But even if you subscribe to that belief, I don’t see where believing in global warming goes against that, because global warming isn’t the end of the world, it has the chance of making life harder.

      There is another segment that believes that “G-d’s in control”, but I don’t see where that control is exerted meaningfully, it seems more like an empty truism to pretend away problems.

      • C Peterson

        We are talking about religious people here. By definition, they are irrational (and I would personally consider them unintelligent). So it’s hard to predict what they will think about anything.

  • Holytape

    Here in Western and central Maryland, we weren’t hit that hard by the storm.  Eastern Maryland, the more conservative part, was hit much harder.  God’s got lousy aim.  

    The third rider

  • Renshia

    After seeing all the calamities that have stuck the states, fires, floods tornadoes, I think god just hates Americans.

    If that’s true, man, you guys are in the shit now.

  • rhodent

    The storm flirted with Maryland because there was still hope that voters would reject the law?  Wait, you mean even the pastor doesn’t think his god knew whether it would pass or not?

  • MM

    If God is so pissy and eager to use natural disasters against socialist pinko homo-loving atheists, why does Europe seem to be getting off so easy, disaster-wise?  Maybe God can leave us alone for a while and focus on the cheese-eating surrender monkeys across the pond.

    • Tim

      Well the climate in Europe is just as fucked as your’s is.  The UK had the second wettest summer since records began this year (and our records go back further than yours do), the wettest April, may and June ever.    The only bit of real summer I had has a week’s long business trip to Boston, MA in June which was stupidly hot.

      • MM

         Just further evidence that global warming is a myth…if it was wet, it couldn’t be due to global warming.  Ever hear of a desert?  Hot = dry.  Checkmate scientists!

        • Golfie98

          I hope that was sarcastic. No-one can be that thick.

        • Patterrssonn

          Hey go easy there, not all scientists buy into the AGW myth, just the ones bent on world domination through the insidious power of climatology!

  • Richard Wade

    “Deadly storms and earthquakes”? This guy’s concept of Yahweh is Poseidon in drag.

    Yo, Luke! Since you have the inside line to the Almighty with your telepathic telephone, how does he tell you this stuff? Does he write it in lightning in the air right in front of you? Does he make water vibrate and sing the message like a spooky choir? Do you hear a voice that sounds like Cecil B. DeMille talking through a super bass speaker system?

    Or do you just pull this stuff out of your ass because you think it’ll get you a few more fag-fearing devotees to come to your pathetic little church? The next time you want to complain about bigots suppressing your freedom and spreading hatred against you, take a long hard look in the mirror first.

  • NewDawn2006

    Well, using that logic, I guess god has no problem with pot.

  • Sue Blue

    Well, shit fire and save matches –  while God’s back was turned and his wrathful eye on the Northeast, Washington State managed to sneak a same-sex marriage referendum past Him.  Yes, us dope-smoking liberal hippies are sinning away out here in the West with nary a breeze parting our hair.  Or maybe God’s dyslexic and got the right coast mixed up with the left coast.  Either way, God’s Wrath has never been exactly pinpoint accurate, has it?  

  • chinasea

    Why is no one pointing out to the Christian pastor that Superstorm Sandy also hit Jamaica earlier in its destructive path. Jamaica is one of the most homophobic places in the world with a 10 year jail sentence for male homosexual sex. Was the storm confused?

    • kaydenpat

      Ha!  And didn’t it kill people in Haiti, which to my knowledge doesn’t allow same sex marriages.

  • kaydenpat

    Well, I guess now that we Marylanders have approved same sex marriage, we can expect a big storm to hit up Maryland soon.  Right, Pastor Robinson?

  • pagansister

    Yet another idiot religious man who feels he has a personal pipeline to a mythical being who destroys hundred of his creations because they disagree with him/her.  WHAT kind of nonsense is that?  Religious nonsense.