Victory For Marriage Equality In Washington State Now Official

The opposition has conceded defeat in Ref. 74 here in Washington with 66% of the votes in. Even before their announcement,  King County (which holds about 30% of the state’s population) had already updated their website:

Gay and lesbian couples will be able to apply for marriage licences starting Dec. 6th and, after the three day waiting period, will be able to get married on Dec. 9th. To accommodate the expected high number of applications, the King County Recorder’s Office is making plans to process as many marriage licences those first few days as possible.

The Recorder’s Office will open for extended hours on Thursday, Dec. 6, as well as Friday, Dec. 7 and Saturday, Dec. 8. We are still firming up details of the plan for those first three days, including hours of operation. We will NOT be open on Sunday, Dec. 9, and we will NOT be able to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples until Dec. 6… Thank you for your patience as we finalize our plans to mark this historic occasion.

Couples who were married in other states will not needs to apply for licences in Washington because their marriages will automatically be recognized by the state starting Dec. 6th.  For those couples who only have a domestic partnership, they have the option of getting married right away or just waiting until June 30th, 2014 when their domestic partnerships are automatically converted into officially recognized marriages (unless one of them is 62 or older.)

And as an added bonus, Jim McDermott (D), chair of the King County Council’s budget committee, added a last minute amendment to the budget directing the extra funds from these marriage licence fess to go towards programs that help at-risk queer youth.

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