Political Rainbows

(via Mike Luckovich of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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  • http://friendlyatheist.com Richard Wade

    And the end of the white-only rainbow with the pot of gold is in Switzerland.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Rombach/27415638 Matt Rombach

    Here I was gonna say the Republican rainbow’s pot of gold is on top. Gold’s supposed to trickle down. Never does.

  • RobMcCune

    Wow, republicans really are all on the same wavelength.

  • http://twitter.com/SiftingReality John B

    At the end of the day, minorities aren’t allowed to be Republicans.  Not because they aren’t welcome mind you.  But liberals and other minorities wont allow it.

    For example, Stacey Dash, Mia Love, Allan West et al are called house nigger, uncle tom, and a host of other racial slurs from their own.  They are called race traitors and the like.  Not only that, when ever there is a prominent minority within the Republican Party they are dismissed as a token and being used.

    How are minorities supposed to want to even consider the Republican party when they are abused by their own for it?

  • http://politicsproseotherthings.blogspot.com/ Nathaniel

     That’s why we have something called a secret ballot. You can vote for whomever you want, and no one knows.

    Minorities don’t vote for Republican’s because Republican politicians spit on them on a regular basis. Insisting that minorities don’t vote for people because whites won’t let them is insulting, and reveals your bias.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Mia Love lost in conservative Utah. John B, perhaps it is time for you to stop trolling this site. Guess what you don’t win votes when your party views minorities as being lazy, shiftless, greedy, liberals, and yes that is how many republicans view minorities. You can’t insult entire groups, à la mitt romney, and still expect to vote for you. Republicans seem to only care about those with money so it makes no sense to vote for them. They are token most of the time. If you look at the GOP national convention there were very few minorities in attendance there. Unless you are a straight, white, rich, heterosexual man you don’t get invited to the GOP party. 

    I don’t have any problem with people belonging to any party. Just don’t think that it’s the liberals that are keeping minorities from joining the GOP. Heck I respect Colin Powell and he is a moderate republican. I don’t respect extremism and that is what the GOP has embraced. 

  • Loyd

    For someone to think any political party would lean toward bias these days is crazy. If O’bama and his Republican “friends” can’t sit down and come to terms on this debt we are all in for some tough times. Yea, I know one side will blame O’bama and the other will blame the Republican side. And the media editorals and cartoonists are not making it any better. These people have the power to push their thinking on us. Its pathetic!  After our 1st. black president was elected for the 2nd term everyone should realize the race bias in America is dwindling. Sure you will always have some who judge by skin color, religion, and gender.I didn’t vote for O’bama but he is our president and we all need to  surport him. If he can’t get the job done in the next 4 years he can’t say “look what I inherited from BUSH”. ANYMORE.

  • LanFan

    I don’t mind the image and I agree with it.  But I think it is bad taste on Veterans day.

  • JlyLarkspur

    This image is so insulting to me, I don’t know where to begin. I am SO tired of being labeled as a “racist” because I didn’t support President Obama. I thought the AJC was willing to present “both sides”. Luckovich is the extremist. Where’s the counterweight for that?

  • jayTEE

    If you really read the paper, you would see that the liberal and conservative cartoons are always printed.  I guess that is what is wrong with the Rep;ublicans (like you) you don’t look at the other side.

  • JlyLarkspur

     Well actually jayTEE, I do NOT read the paper. I can’t afford the @c2431ca7fb2ad87205bc183c71aeb027:disqus 200+ per year to do so. If I did subscribe, I promise you I would read it more thoroughly.  But what I read in the online version:  Luckovich (leftist), Bookman (leftist).  Show me the opposing views online. Not finding them much.  I stick with my previous comments; Luckovich’s cartoon about the rainbows is racist and insulting.