Denying Your Rights Is a Part of My Faith

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  • phhht

    I left the following comment at Public Catholic.  We’ll see if it gets past moderation.

    I agree with you so much. It’s not that our message – we think
    abortion is wrong, we think same-sex marriage is wrong – didn’t get out.
    It did get out. It’s just that America voted against that.
    only way to reverse this slippery slope toward moral decrepitude is
    through grade school-age indoctrination. What we have not done enough
    of is frighten the children. We should make use of those baby-raping
    priests. Tell the kids that if they don’t get right with God, we’re
    gonna hand them over to the pedophiles in the pulpit. That and threaten
    them with Hellfire and Eternal Damnation. Enough of that and every one
    of them will crack. It’s always worked in the past. It will work now.
    Perhaps one thing I – meaning me – can do is to think about how to
    consider means to come up with ways to invent support now, to encourage
    the Court.

  • phhht

    “We’ll see if it gets past moderation.”

    It didn’t.

    Sharper than the serpent’s tooth is the mean-spirited scoffer.

  • Randomfactor

    “Denying your faith is a part of my rights, too.”

  • Rubahtics

    Mein gott do those people display a breathtaking persecution complex. How is it that they have so much fear of nonexistent threats?

  • Renshia

    Never mind the fact we will save 10% on premiums. OhYa! Thank ya jesus.

  • northierthanthou

    It’s funny Christians keep saying that Jesus died for their sins. And they make that true every time they blame him for the worst in their own conduct.

  • Guest

    Seems like the minority thinks it is their right to destroy other people’s faith. Man is evil by nature.

  • CelticWhisper

    It used to really aggravate me too, the way christians act persecuted while enjoying unparalleled political leverage and influence.

    But you know what?

    It’s the boy who cried wolf.  One day the tide will turn and they’ll actually be up against some real opposition as the public at large will have become sick and tired of their bullshit.

    And on that day, maybe wearing a visible crucifix will serve to make them persona non grata in their daily lives.  On that day, maybe they’ll have to deal with secularist protestors outside their church or “Christian Science Reading Room” building the way we’ve had to deal with their harassment outside abortion clinics.  On that day, maybe admitting to being a christian will lead to self-righteous diatribes from secularists the way the (*gasp!*) A-word has led to smug, self-righteous diatribes about how we’re all going to hell.

    On that day, they’ll cry “Persecution!” the way they always have.

    And on that day, not a single person will listen and not a single fuck will be given.

    tl;dr Let them screw themselves by desensitizing us to their claims.

  • Michael Both

    … and created in ‘God’s image’, no less. Makes sense when you read the bible – it’s full to the brim of evil.

  • Kris

    You can have your faith all you want. You can roll around in it, sing to it and rub it all over yourself. 

    What you can NOT do is EVER try to make other people live by YOUR faith. Faith is personal, keep it that way.

    Make love to your contradicting Bible all you wish, but do not expect anyone else to jump on the wagon with you.

  • Drakk

     Whatever can be destroyed by the truth should be.

  • TheBlackCat

     What do you mean by “destroy other people’s faith”? 

    Do you mean actually allow equality for the minority (preventing the majority from imposing their own beliefs)?  Then yes, but that does nothing to actually “destroy other people’s faith” by any sensible definition.

    Do you mean ban it or outlaw it?  No, “the minority” is not trying to do that.  That is all lies by the majority

    Do you mean talk about it in a way that the majority does not like?  Then yes, that is their right, from freedom of speech.  And it is not like there is any lack of that from the majority directed at the minority, either.

    Of course this applies to any past minority group that want to end discrimination against them, not just athiests.

  • Ike

    As an Oklahoman who somewhat follows the State Legislature, I would have been quite happy to live out my life not knowing that Rebecca Hamilton has a blog….