GOP Extremism Will Doom Its Future Prospects

It has begun!

Republicans nationwide are proffering a variety of excuses to explain their resounding defeat on Tuesday. We should take full stock the defeat’s impressive scope — remember, this was an election the GOP always expected to win.

Throughout Obama’s first term, they bragged about how easy it would be to “depose” his “regime” because the American people would surely reject Obama’s “radical socialist agenda.” Of course, Obama is no radical socialist — much to the chagrin of real socialists — so these accusations from the GOP ultimately fell flat. Yes, they were successful in whipping up rage among the party faithful, but an insufficient number of fair-minded Americans bought into these fevered conspiracy theories. The Obama they’ve observed for 5+ years now is not a wild-eyed ideologue, but a pragmatist with conservative dispositional tendencies.

This election proved that most ordinary people are not as susceptible to hysterical fear-mongering as might have been previously believed. The GOP’s failure to present a reasoned, sober-minded critique of Obama produced these results more than anything Obama himself did. In fact, Obama was quite a vulnerable incumbent; the economy is still poor (despite a slightly-lower unemployment rate) and there are host of other problems he failed to address in his first term.

I long thought that a charismatic, likable GOP nominee would have an easy time defeating Obama, and I still think that was the case. But Mitt Romney — an intensely unlikable, out-of-touch former Mormon prelate — did not meet my criteria.

Expect to hear many platitudes from Party “leaders” about how they are so very interested in reforming from within — reaching out to Hispanics and so forth. But the GOP was rejected for reasons that don’t seem likely to change. I anticipate further exaltation of destructive figures like Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Dinesh D’Souza, Matt Drudge, David Koch, Liz Cheney, and others who helped sink Romney’s chances this year.

Most Americans are of a moderate sensibility and don’t accept the GOP’s extreme, deluded interpretations of current events.

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