Yeehawd!: A Blasphemously Fun Game About Holy War

Here’s a blasphemously fun-looking game:

The purpose of [Yeehawd!] is to collect as many followers to your faith as possible before Armageddon™ to secure your place in the Afterlife™.

At the end of the game the Prophet with the most followers wins the game, and the rest of you get a ticket to that hot fiery place downstairs. However, should two or more prophets be tied to win, they are all annihilated in a furious Holy War™ and the next prophet in line wins the game.

The artwork is just awesome, too:

The creators are looking for funding on Kickstarter and they’ve raised about $2,000 of $12,000, so if you’d like to secure a copy of the game and help them finish the project, chip in some funds!

(Thanks to Tore for the link!)

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  • Aljaž Kozina

    This is an AWESOME IDEA!

  • Pseudonym

    How is this blasphemous, exactly? I’m far more offended by the blatant ripoff of Spy vs. Spy.

  • The Captain

    “At the end of the game the Prophet with the most followers wins the game, and the rest of you get a ticket to that hot fiery place downstairs.”… But what if you’re playing a prophet from the “hot fiery place downstairs”?

  • gilraen

    Somebody owes the Antonio Prohias estate some money.

  • Yeehawd!

    Obviously this is not a rip-off but a tribute to Spy vs Spy. It’s a pop cultural reference, and just like making a charicature of real person (e.g. Obama) is not rip-off, neither is making a charicature of a cartoon or of a fictional film character like Darth Vader. So no copyright is violated and no need to be offended by it.

  • Pseudonym

    I realise there may be a language difference here. Rest assured, I was kidding about being offended.

  • Ben Porter

    I will have to throw fifty in on this and get the kickstarter edition.

  • Yeehawd!

    We can assure you that all our prophets aspire to ascend to heaven. We have handpicked them for that very purpose. 

  • Yeehawd!

    We sort of thought so, but there *are* people who are sensitive about copyright issues, and rightfully so. As the creators we have taken the utmost care to stay within the realms of fair use. Apart from that the game is quite otherworldly.

  • Artor

    I like! I hope they have permission to use the copyrighted images.

  • Artor

    If they’re making money using copyrighted images, they’re in hot water. I hope they get permission to use them in the game.
    Edit; You instead of them.

  • chicago dyke, Blonde

    as soon as i have better employment, i’ll send yall a check. this looks wonderful.

    however, as a former scholar of religions, let me recommend you do some research into the myriad of afterlife scenarios that are out there, and not limit yourselves to the monotheistic stuff. certainly your target market is people who have left a religious tradition and get off on feeling “blasphemous,” but you’d be amazed at the many diverse ways that other religious traditions have come up with to torture the no longer living and/or reward the righteous. 

    imho, the game would be that much better if there were gurus, witchdoctors, shaman and monks in the mix. prophets are great, but religion is the longest con of all time, and lots of different types with all sorts of superstitions have played it.