Yeehawd!: A Blasphemously Fun Game About Holy War

Here’s a blasphemously fun-looking game:

The purpose of [Yeehawd!] is to collect as many followers to your faith as possible before Armageddon™ to secure your place in the Afterlife™.

At the end of the game the Prophet with the most followers wins the game, and the rest of you get a ticket to that hot fiery place downstairs. However, should two or more prophets be tied to win, they are all annihilated in a furious Holy War™ and the next prophet in line wins the game.

The artwork is just awesome, too:

The creators are looking for funding on Kickstarter and they’ve raised about $2,000 of $12,000, so if you’d like to secure a copy of the game and help them finish the project, chip in some funds!

(Thanks to Tore for the link!)

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