It’s Official: Kyrsten Sinema Wins a Ticket to Congress, but Atheists Will Be Unrepresented in Congress Yet Again

The Associated Press has declared Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) the winner in her tight race for Congress:

That’s very exciting and it’s good news for those of us who share Secular values since Sinema’s a Progressive… but it’s somewhat bittersweet since Sinema now refuses to openly admit she’s an atheist/non-theist/freethinker, choosing instead to use no label at all. That wasn’t the case about a week ago when her campaign did nothing to dissuade those rumors but they’ve been persistent in stopping them ever since it became apparent she would win this race (and be up for re-election in two years).

The headlines are saying that Sinema is openly bisexual, making her the second LGBT woman elected to Congress this cycle (along with Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)).

It seems like it shouldn’t hurt her to just go ahead and say she doesn’t believe in God… but two taboos might be too much for her to take on right now.

Damn. Too bad.

It’s like having 99 cents at the dollar store. We came so close to having at least one atheist in Congress, but we will instead be left with no direct representation, no one we can call our own.

Maybe she’ll embrace us again during her first term in office…

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