The Origin of Love

British singer-songwriter Mika released a song a couple of months ago — “The Origin of Love” — that was brought to my attention now because the lyrics promote Humanism and speak about religion with a sarcastic bent. The idea behind it is that people should love each other for the sake of love and not for God.

(The video contains nudity… so there’s your NSFW warning)

You are the sun and the light, you are the freedom I fight
God will do nothing to stop it
The origin is you
You’re the origin of love

Like stupid Adam and Eve they found their love in a tree
God didn’t think they deserved it
He taught them hate, taught them pride
Gave them a leaf, made them hide
Let’s push their stories aside
You know the origin is you

(Thanks to Zachary for the link!)

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  • guestpest

    What kind of operation was she having done to her face and for what reason?

  • David Kopp

    It’s meant to evoke the scenes from Clockwork Orange, she’s being forced to watch the video, holding her eyes open.

  • Scott Maddox
  • Patrick

    The male doctor is the actor who played Alex DeLarge in the original scene from A Clockwork Orange.

  • anonymous

    Sorry to be a weirdo, but there is a petition on to revoke the tax exempt status of religious organizations.

  • Mogg

     It seems to be aversion shock therapy – show the subject images of something you wish them to develop a dislike for, while simultaneously giving them an electric shock so that they develop an association between the images and any feelings they evoke, and pain or unpleasantness.  As David and Patrick mentioned, there is a reference to A Clockwork Orange, as this is what Alex is forced to undergo at the end of the movie, with his eyes held open so he can’t look away.  It also used to be used to try to “correct” homosexuals, by punishing their “wrong” or “deviant” sexual responses.  So in the video they are trying to stop her being attracted to the man by giving her electric shocks whenever she sees footage of him or of them together.

    As with homosexuals, it didn’t work.

  • AxeGrrl

    It also used to be used to try to “correct” homosexuals, by punishing their “wrong” or “deviant” sexual responses.

    Speaking of……did anyone else see last week’s “Amerian Horror Story”?


  • njew84

    You people are ruining America, I swear you Liberals are half retarded. It doesn’t matter how much good something is for people if it has ANYTHING to do with God, NOPE get rid of it! I have news for ya, in the end GOD wins. End of story.

  • Kari Lynn

    I love Mika. He did the song Grace Kelly, which is a fantastic song.

  • Steven Farmer

    Your NSFW warning pretty much guaranteed I’d give the song a chance….

  • n00blet

     A much more powerful and relevant song in my opinion, and from an awesome movie too.

  • rlrose63

    No, it’s not… Malcolm McDowell played Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange but the credits for the video say the male doctor is played by Christian Michelsen.

  • SJH

    Those that love for the sake of God have a misunderstanding of what love is. We don’t love because God says so we love because its the right thing to do. This video and your comment suggests that you and Mika also have a misunderstanding of what Christians teach about love.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I thought of Hedwig as soon as I read the title of the song. 

  • Pseudonym

    …and yet it ends with “Thank God you found me”.

    I predict that this song will get the same fate as Joan Osborne’s One of Us. Fundamentalists and antitheists will think it’s blasphemous, any half-intelligent person without a horse in the race will get the intent, and everyone else will just enjoy the song.