Zack Kopplin Speaks About His Anti-Creationism Battles

My friend Zack Kopplin has been leading the charge against the teaching of Creationism in Louisiana ever since he was in high school. A couple of months ago, he spoke to the Humanists of Houston about his battles:

Any favorite moments? Leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

(Thanks to Vic for the link!)

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  • kenneth

    It’s terrifying that this battle is even happening within living memory, let alone the present day!

  • MariaO

    An amazing young man! ish there were more like him all over the world – it would be a better place.

    To help the struggle for information freedom to all children, I do suggest you to lobby as hard as you can to get the United States to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. All countries in the world have signed except USA, Somalia, and South Sudan. Don’t get me wrong, of course children are treated much worse in some countries  that have signed than in the US A, but that is not the point. Having that Convention part of the US law could make it a very useful intrument for fighting teaching mythology as science (and in many other cases). What the Convention does, among other things, is lessening the parents’ power over their children and instead regarding children as individuals with their own rights.

    As I see it, many parents in America seems to consider their children as their slaves, to have complete control over, mind and body. This is really scary, coming from another culture were growing up and getting a choice and a voice of one’s own is a gradual process.

    My guess is that USA have not signed the convention because there would be an outcry from the parents that do think they own their children and thus votes would be lost. But now you have a President that cannot be re-elceted in any case. Why not try to get him to fix this?

  • Baal

    I’m only 10 minutes in but he’s impressive.