DJ Grothe on An Atheist’s Purpose in Life

DJ Grothe, president of the James Randi Educational Foundation and long-time activist, filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life.

In the segment below, Grothe talks about what gives him meaning and purpose in life (hint: it’s not God):

(via The Atheist Book)

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  • Ingrate

    Inspiring point of view, I of DJ from the PofI interviews, but appreciate hearing his own perspectives now. Are there more videos?

  • Achron Timeless

    What I got from that was the viewpoint of – evangelicals are absolutely right, but it’s a moot point when you factor in reality – That isn’t remotely the way I would’ve conveyed that sentiment. All they’re going to hear is the “I concede” and pat themselves on the back as they stop the video. 

    At that point you’ve done nothing but make your target audience think you’ve admitted their beliefs are absolutely true with the wording when the meaning clearly was the opposite. That’s unfortunate, because a very good point was fumbled in the midst of that.

  • advancedatheist

    I like to turn this around: How do theistic beliefs give life meaning & purpose? A god could, without logical contradiction, have created human life without any meaning or purpose at all. The theists who argue otherwise really engage in special pleading and assume that their god created everything for their convenience. 

  • Rocky Morrison

    Of course atheists have meaning in life.  Marx did. So did Nietzsche. And Lenin. And Trotsky. And Stalin. And Mao. And Pol Pot, Sanger, Sartre, the men who developed nuclear weapons and filled the earth with them, etc.

    So what?

  • Matt Bowyer

    You think  them being theists would’ve made any difference?