In Case You Were Looking for Some Atheist Headgear…

Mab Ryan crocheted these nifty atheist-themed beanies.

They look like great gifts for that special atheist in your life :)

Just click on the images for the product links!

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Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • allein

    I like the Happy Humanist Hat…both for the alliteration and the color blue :)

    I want a nice scarlet A keychain…I have yet to see one anywhere…

  • kalimsaki

    I have a question Hemant.
    Suppose that you eventually accept the existence of God.  Will you share this with your followers?

  • Hemant Mehta

    If I do, sure.

  • C Peterson

    Heck, I was expecting something with horns…

  • Chrisinotown


      When you eventually accept the existence of Santa Claus, will you share that with us? cause your mom told you he existed too.

  • Santiago

    love the humanist hat..a lot

  • kalimsaki

    I can prove the existence of God.

  • kalimsaki

    If there is a God (I know so), You are in big trouble.
    If not, we are at same position.
    Humans were created and sent to earth to find their creator. I can prove this.

  • C Peterson

    Me too. He’s living in Greece on a mountain, and carries a big hammer. He told me that he’s really pissed with all the people in the world today worshiping false gods.

  • kalimsaki

    C Peterson
    This is a serious topic. What will happen when you or anyone of your family die

  • C Peterson

    Well, for a few minutes, as the brain cells are deprived of oxygen, we might experience hallucinations or a sense of distorted reality. Then we’ll experience nothing, because the machinery will be non-functional. Then the other cells will die, some quickly, some over a few days. Then, we’ll break down and our constituent atoms will be recycled by the Universe.

    And I was serious. You asked Hemant a fair question, so you should be prepared to answer the same one. If it is shown that some Greek or Babylonian god is real, are you prepared to accept that and share it with your followers?

  • Gus Snarp

    The world’s greatest philosophical and theological minds have failed to prove the existence of God after centuries of trying. What hubris, to think you can do better. Or perhaps you simply think Hemant and the rest of us are just ignorant and you just came across some old argument that you think is brilliant we just haven’t heard it yet and will fall at the feet of the Lord as soon as we do?

    In either case, don’t tell us you can prove the existence of God, do it.

     And please provide the objective, verifiable, physical evidence that underlies your claim. Anything William Lane Craig has already said is not going to win anyone over, none of those logical acrobatics are evidence, much less proof, they are one way of looking at things, and not a particularly sound one at that.

  • Gus Snarp

    Put up or shut up. Don’t tell us you can prove it, do it.

  • Gus Snarp

    We will rot, just like the billions who’ve died before us, just like the billions of animals who’ve died. Our consciousness will simply cease to exist when our neurons stop firing.

  • Quintin


  • beetlerace

    What if it’s a god you don’t believe in? How do you know you’ve chosen the right one?

  • kalimsaki

    C Peterson
    thank you for KINDly answer.
    For every human on the earth, We dont mention about our biggest problem: death.
    Everyday we talk about everything except death. A person who cannot solve the meaning of death is always in big trouble.
    Since we cannot kill the death, we cannot close the door of grave, we should stop an re-think and re-think. I ‘ d like to read the part of Flashes , 23 th flash of
    Risalei Nur collection, Said Nursi here: page: 232-253.

  • kalimsaki

    Dear beetlerace
    There is only one God
    There should be only one God.
    Every product says about manything about its producer althoug we dont see the producer.
    For example: When we have a look at İphone4, we can be sure that it must be produced in a big and rich company, designed and programmed by at least 1000 high skilled engineer. We are sure that this should be so since İphone4 cannot be imitated. Anyone who says against should be stupid. But iphone4 can definetely be imitated. Every product of humans can be imitated.
    Result: every product shows its producer.
    Lets look at another product: a fly. The most complicated factory in the world cannot produce ane piece of its wing. Wing of the fly is more perfect than an iphone4. So when we look at the causes , the fly comes from a worm which is sickening.
    When we look at the universe, from atom to galaxy, we can easily see the excellent geometry, art, design.
    For example:
    A person was visited your home. He can easily collect some information about you, by looking the design of the room, your richness-poorness, or hobbies.
    So, when we look at the universe, we can easily see the endless power, art, generousness of God.
    God talks with us by its creatures. We cannot see any disturbance in the universe from atom to bacteria or virus, to human cells, ribosomes, mitochondria, to apple, birds, killer whales.

    I suggest you to read this topics to find the God:


  • kalimsaki

    Dear Gus
    To prove the the existence of God is very easy for me. The problem is that,  the reality is in front of us.
    Tell me:
    If you live by your self, tell me about statistics of your body:
    total consumption of ATP per beat of your heart
    Total ram capacity of your brain
    where do you prefer to collect you important remembrance in your brain
    how often do you clean your small intestine
    what is your future plan about your erythrocyte
    How many mutagenic cell was produced in your body and what is the performance of your leucocytes
    when you read comment how many of your cone-rod cells outer tips was cleaned by your retinal pigment epithelium.

    If you dont know what is happening in your body, than your body is not belong to you.
    Only things that you do on your bodyare:
    brushing your hair, cleaning your teeth, eating, and so on.

    Your body is maintained by God.  Your body is a perfect artwork.
    You have this abilities: loves, hates, admires, have compassion,   be angry, be shy.

    What is the enigma of  property of human?
    are we some kind of animal? 
    why we are here? 
    If we are here why should we go?
    Where we are 100 years ago?
    where we are 100 years later?

    Gus, I only advice you to read this part form Risalei Nur Collection by Said  Nursi, here


  • Edmond

    Why would gods, who would have omnipotent magic powers, need to resort to things like heartbeats, lower intestines or leukocytes?  Why don’t we simply operate by… magic?  Why all the naturalistic functions?  Gods would have no need of DNA or rods and cones.  These are the tools of nature.

    The Bible says we are made from dust or mud or clay.    Why aren’t we STILL made from this same material?  If beings of mud could stand and walk and talk, then THAT would be a miracle worth converting for.

    Instead, we are made of genetic material that can malfunction and fail.  Children are born with cleft palates, clubbed feet, Down syndrome, and half-formed congenital twins still hanging from their bodies.  A “perfect artwork”?  Those bodily functions which maintain and clean themselves sometimes do not work.  Cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis… endless diseases are waiting to take advantage of one cellular slip-up.

    Everything that we’ve EVER investigated, discovered or learned about, has operated by materialistic, naturalistic properties.  We’ve NEVER discovered ANYTHING that turned out to run on the supernatural.  We have no reason to believe that we’ll begin to find supernatural causes for anything else, whether we are studying the origin of man, or the origin of the universe.

    Gods COULD exist, but if they do, then they are hiding well.  They have no cause to BLAME those who conclude only that which is provable.  There are many things that I cannot see, just as I cannot see gods.  I cannot see unicorns, or leprechauns, or sasquatch.  Will the gods hold me responsible for not believing in these things also?  Or will the gods understand that I am a creature who values evidence?

    If EVIDENCE arises that allows us to “find” god, then we will vigorously explore and test that evidence, to be sure it is real and true.  But we cannot jump to conclusions about gods WITHOUT that evidence, and NEVER on the say-so of others.

  • C Peterson

    The human body is one of the best arguments against gods or deliberate design I can imagine. It is miserably engineered. Anybody with a decent education in engineering and a bit of advanced technology could do a far better job designing a body.

    As a complex system that balances millions of evolutionary compromises, the human body is remarkable. As a designed thing, it demonstrates a god that is incompetent beyond belief.

  • C Peterson

    You live in an odd world if the subject of death isn’t something you frequently encounter.

    I think that atheists have generally “solved the meaning of death” as you put it better than most people. There is no meaning to death. There is no problem of death. It is as natural as birth, and there is no difference between being dead and being not yet born. We were all dead for more than 13 billion years, we’re here for a while, and then we are, once again, not.

    Animals that have no fear of death don’t live very long, and don’t produce many offspring. Our innate fear of death is easily understood. But our rational minds can overcome much of that fear, and it doesn’t have to be by inventing gods or some sort of eternal life. When we’re dead, we’re gone. Not a difficult thing to understand, and with some reflection, not that difficult to accept, either.

  • Gus Snarp

    In case you’re actually capable of internalizing anything you read here, I’ll just tell you that, aside from the argument from design, which C Peterson and Edmond have already dealt with in response, your real biggest logical error is that your entire argument presupposes dualism, and then argues that we need a god to explain that. There is simply no reason to imagine a separate self that exists to control the body or know about it, the self is a creation of the brain, which is merely a part of the body. It is not a separate thing that can observe and control the body.

    Another flaw in your argument is that it is an argument from ignorance. The fact that we don’t, or even can’t, know every detail of the workings of our bodies does not in any way imply, much less require, the existence of a god.

  • The Godless Monster

    I just designed and posted it for you, so you’ll need to give it an hour or more before it shows up in searches. Hopefully this link will help…

  • allein

    Thanks! Guess I’ll have to get myself a Christmas present!

  • allein

    What does any of this have to do with hats?

  • Deven Kale

    Normally I try not to be overly nitpicky, but there’s an important distinction here that you’ve missed, which I think needs pointing out. William Lane Craig does not use logic in his arguments, he uses philosophy. While there are elements of his arguments that use logic, the arguments themselves are illogical because they’re based on fallacious premises (this is just one of the reasons why I have little respect for philosophy, but that’s a topic for another day).

    In other words, that sentence should read “Anything William Lane Craig has already said is not going to win anyone over, none of those philosophical acrobatics are evidence[...]“

  • Deven Kale

    Damn. Why didn’t I come up with this? There could be some good money to be made with these! Mab Ryan, I tip my beanie (and my hooks and needles) at you. Well done!

  • Deven Kale

     There’s that “r” again. I continue to be amazed at how often that pops up with new commenters here. lol

  • Deven Kale

    Your first link is a niceargument from ignorance. Either that, or argument from incredulity. I have trouble telling those two apart sometimes. I’m unable to determine the fallacy in your second link, but somebody better versed in logical terminology than I will surely be able to point that out for you, because it’s obvious one is there.

  • kalimsaki

    ignorance of death and after is a real fallacy like an ostrich sticks the head in to the sand.

  • kalimsaki

    Ignorance of the Creator of the whole things in the universe is the  the real oddness.
    Everything that we live have a  great meaning to us.
    Death, birth, wedding, meeting, etc.
    The world , the life has a great meaning.

  • Deven Kale

    I know what happens after death. We decompose. The substance that was once “us” becomes a part of many different creatures who assist in the decomposition process such as bacteria. The rest of “us” becomes essentially dirt. There are rare exceptions where special conditions slow the process, but that’s generally it.

    Do you have proof that something else happens? If so, I’d love to see that proof. If I’m wrong, I definitely want to know about it, but I won’t accept just your word on it.

  • kalimsaki

    Why your neurons should fire? who own them?

  • kalimsaki

    Every company has ONE manager.
    USA has ONE president.
    The universe has created by ONE GOD.
    The God should be ONE.

    The one who create a thing that cannot be created by others has a magic.

    Tell me who can create a tiny piece of hair?
    an atom? a leucocyte? a DNA?
    If anyone that can produce a leucocyte, it will be supernatural.

    All the things in the Universe are supernatural since cannot be imitated by humans.

    When you look at every where you will see supernatural things. A bee, an ant, an elephant, are super natural.

    you yourself are  also a supernatural thing!!

    The nature is blind. cannot create any thing. Nature is creature of God.

    Th artworks of GOD are in front of you. Look at the universe. Can you see any disturbance? from an atom to galaxy? an excellent an artwork.

    Unfortunately I should say that which Bible do you mention? Is it original? It is changed by humans.
    I offer you to read Holly Qouran. 

    God creates genetic orders in order to show the humans that God can create us in that way. 

    God creates illnesses to warn you that your body is not property of you.

    please read this:

  • kalimsaki

    show an example that human design better anything than God. 
    you cant give me an example. 

  • Blobulon.

    Me too.
    I am probably being dense here, but what is the pink one?

  • Knut Berg


  • Gus Snarp

    Why should anyone own them? They don’t need to be told to fire, it’s a natural biochemical process. But nevermind, it’s clear to me now that if you’re not actually mentally ill, you’re at least so wrapped up in your blinkered beliefs that this is an utterly unproductive discussion.

  • The Godless Monster

     My company has two owners (I’m one of them) and three managers…

  • allein

    (not so) invisible pink unicorn

    so, A horn…

  • kalimsaki

    I should congratulate you.
    You get what is hidden.
    You will wake up when you die.

  • kalimsaki

    you have two component.
    hardware: your body.
    software: your soul, psyche.
    its a very very tiny part of GOD.
    Soul will never become older and never die. 
    You cannot explain it physically.
    I should inform you that your soul immortal.
    We were sent here to discover our creator: GOD or coincidence.
    Atheist explain every thing with coincidence.
    Coincidence cannot produce any thing.

  • kalimsaki

    Thanks for GOD, I am fine.
    Everything in the universe should have a cause.Anyway, sorry to bother you.thank you

  • kalimsaki

    Then compare an atom with wheels.