Seen at PostSecret…

According to the image tag, the back of the card reads: “Then my shitty life would not be an act of God.”

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  • The Godless Monster

    Touching. Sad. Wish someone rational could or would reach out to this person.

  • Deven Kale

    I don’t know if I’m understanding this the same way as you Hemant. To me, this seems like a person who truly loves their god, but can’t help but feel picked on by them for the problems  in their life. They seem to be saying something like, “If I didn’t believe my god existed, then he wouldn’t have been able to do this to me, so he’d still be a good guy.”

    It’s atrocious reasoning, but that’s the impression I get when reading the text on both front and back. I also agree with TGM that it’s sad. This is obviously a person in pain, and I hope they find someone who can help them through it.

  • Rob Crompton

    During my time as a minister I came across lots of people who believed that their troubles were punishment from god for something they had done wrong. Thinking like that makes people feel utterly wretched so I can well imagine someone thinking that if only they did not believe in this god who was punishing them they might be better able to cope with life.

  • Guest

    Then the minister must have been misleading them for them to believe that.

  • Renshia

     That’s not necessarily true. It could be guilt training from a parent. Self-teaching derived from low self-esteem. It could be teaching derived from internal family dynamics. I don’t think this should be placed only at the feet of a minister.

  • RowanVT

     Misleading? When christianity teaches that we are not *worthy* of salvation, that we *deserve* hell and torment, but god just loves us soooooo much that he’ll let us get into heaven under certain conditions, even though we’re totally depraved? I’ve heard that line from every single denomination of christianity I’ve attended.

  • RobertoTheChi

    How is that misleading? Christianity teaches that we are worthless pieces of garbage and pound in a guilt complex.

  • ImRike

    Yes, as a christian, he can blame god for his shitty life and if god wants him to have a shitty life, wouldn’t it be a sin to try to better it? Now as an atheist, he wouldn’t have to be afraid to make some changes!
    Yes, I hope somebody will be able to help him. 

  • Franklincheeses

    Ultimately, that’s how I became an atheist, too.

  • Liz

    This is what religion reduces people to. That is… just pathetic.