For TV Star, the Holy Trinity Beats Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones, the “half” in “Two and a Half Men,” makes well over $300,000 per episode… but he’s ready to follow former co-star Charlie Sheen and throw it all away because he’s morally opposed to the show’s plotlines. Apparently, they go against his Seventh-day Adventist morals.

That’s the gist of a video Jones made for Forerunner Chronicles, a website linked to his church. Part two of the video is here.

The church’s leader, Christopher Hudson, is seen in the video with Jones.

“If you watch ‘Two and a Half Men,’ please stop watching ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I’m on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth.”

“Watch out, watch out because a lot of people don’t like to think about how deceptive the enemy is… he’s been doing this for a lot longer than any of us have been around. So, you can’t play around. There is no playing around when it comes to eternity.”

“I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan… You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t. I’m not OK with what I’m learning, what the Bible says and being on that television show.”

I am under contract for another year so it is not too much of a decision on my part. I know God has me there for a reason for another year.”

You can also see Jones offer his religious testimony on a video at a church website.

You know, of all the indecent shows that are moral travesties and should rightfully be canceled, “Two and a Half Men” wasn’t anywhere near the top of my list. It’d have to beat out “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” everything Kardashian-related, and whatever’s on FOX News Channel right now.

No word yet on whether Jones plans to donate all the “immoral” money he made on the show to a charity. I’m guessing there’s no word coming.

I’m tempted to cut Jones some slack, though. He’s young. He lives in Hollywood, where you’re surrounded by fakeness, and religion often pretends like it’s the one thing that can cut through all the bullshit. Not to mentioned Jones’ entire life has been managed by other people, working on his behalf. Imagine if, all of a sudden, someone told you that you had total control of both your current life and your afterlife. I’m not saying I would be making the same mistake as Jones… but I can understand why he might buy into the religious myth.

But the kid needs help if he’s being suckered in by Hudson and his church. Hudson is so irrational, he believes Jay-Z is a Freemason.

Incidentally, Jones’ actions are eerily similar to what Kirk Cameron did on the set of Growing Pains after he became ultra-religious:

Once he converted to Christianity, he sometimes clashed with his fellow cast members and the show’s producers over what he felt were immoral story lines.

Maybe Jones is just following in Cameron’s footsteps. Who knows, maybe that Left Behind remake needs another actor…

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  • Frank Mitchell

    See, I’d have said “Don’t watch ‘Two and a Half Men’ because it’s crap”, but then again I think all in-production TV shows are crap save “Doctor Who”, “Mythbusters”, and maybe “Castle” (because Nathan Fillion makes everything entertaining).  I thought the kid had guts and taste until I read the sub-heading.

    Ah, well.  Maybe the kid will grow out of it.  Or Kirk Cameron will squeeze him out of enough roles that he’ll reconsider his life choices.

  • Sandy Kokch

    Call me cynical and a schadenfreude addict, but why is part of me smelling a future for our moralistic wonderkid that involves a TMZ expose of him being caught inflagrante at a motel or party sniffing meth off the back of a rent boy?

  • Sindigo

    He’s absolutely right. It’s a shitty show with questionable morals and you shouldn’t watch it. I feel sorry for the kid though. He’s grown through the awkward, chubby phase that so many of us have to only to emerge on the other side with into even more awkward (and harder to shift) religious phase.

    “I know God has me there for a reason for another year.” How convenient. God wants you to continue to take down 300k an episode and avoid costly legal wranglings. I think that bit was in Ephesians.
    Also, my comment on the Youtube video is pending approval and every comment on there seems to be agreeing with him. What a surprise that the owners of the channel would want to suppress any dissenting viewpoints.

  • Rory

     I liked that bit as well. There’s no playing around when it comes to eternity, but break a contract? Perish the thought!

    Also not holding my breath regarding the disposition of all that filthy lucre Satan’s minions tempted him with.

  • TiltedHorizon

    I saw this show once, maybe twice, not much there IMHO. As for having “questionable morals”, I did not realize people watched this show to set their moral compass. Can’t be that bad, apparently the morals are not questionable enough him from cashing his 300K checks.

  • Cat MacKinnon

    i’d tend to agree that this is probably something of a knee-jerk reaction on his part. like Hemant said, he’s young and in Hollywood: he’s definitely at an age now where life is coming at him pretty hard. i’ve also heard that part of his “conversion” was because he was having some issues with drugs, including LSD.

    as someone who formerly partook of a lot of *ahem* “illicit substances” when i was his age (including a fair amount of acid-dropping), i can attest to the fact that it can cause some pretty vivid and mind-blowing stuff. a LOT of it can be downright scary, and i can remember the very last time i tripped: it was terrifying and fucked with me for a really long time. add on the incredibly vunerable age (like him, i was in my late teens), and one tends to make some pretty rash life changes.

    i’m certainly not saying he made the right decision. but i’m also not terribly surprised that he made a “deal with god” because of some shitty personal stuff. while i cringed a little when i read about it earlier, i can at least understand the mindset he might be in. hopefully it’s just a phase, but seeing as how he IS at such a crossroads age, it’s unfortunate that this church is going to take total advantage of whatever celebrity the kid has. they’re already doing it.

    i just hope he doesn’t grow up to be another Kirk Cameron (although at least from what i gather from his videos, he’s already leaning towards the especially nutty stuff.) i was never a fan of ‘Two & A Half Men’, mostly because dick jokes get old really fast and Jon Cryer hasn’t been entertaining since ‘Pretty In Pink’. i will admit, though, that considering how Chuck Lorre handled the Sheen debacle, i’m kinda morbidly curious as to how Angus’s character is going to be handled on the show. he’s obviously already shot himself in the foot by shit-talking his job (and i’m pretty sure most actors have contractual clauses specifically forbidding just this sort of thing), so i’m sure we’ll be hearing from Chuck Lorre’s big mouth sooner rather than later.

  • facebook-1607022278

    Is the moral of the story that God still can’t trump a contract?

  • Ross

    “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and all things Kardashian-related are vastly superior to criminal dreck like “Long Island Medium”.  

  • SeekerLancer

    My first thoughts were also “Oh Joy a new Kirk Cameron, just what we needed.”

  • Ed L

    Love of God v. love of Cash? No contest.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Well, God couldn’t trump iron chariots, so why would a piece of paper be different?

  • Chris Kilroy

    I’m sorry, what does god need with a child-actor on a sitcom? (As Capt Kirk would ask.)

  • The Other Weirdo

    The guy who voiced Shef on South Park had similar problems, but only with episodes related to his particular religion. That led to an epic smackdown.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Proofreading is not my friend today. Chef. Not Shef.

  • A3Kr0n

    I’d cut Jones some slack if he was too stupid to know what he was getting into, but I don’t think he’s stupid, so that makes him a liar, and someone who can’t be trusted.

  • SecularPatriot

    I’ll bet there’s iron in the ink somewhere.

  • Cat MacKinnon

    i think it’s an insult to intelligence (and comedy) more than anything. they somehow figured out a way to make a show about hookers and blow last for eight seasons and still be a ratings machine.

  • Darwin”s Dagger

    It seems young TV stars always go in one of two directions, the Lohan path of self-destructive drug and alcohol abuse or the Cameron path of self-righteous religiosity. I guess Hollywood is such an vacuous and meaningless culture that people will seek meaning where they can find it.

    Kid’s right about one thing, Two and a Half Men is an abomination.

  • observer

    “No word yet on whether Jones plans to donate all the ‘immoral’ money he made on the show to a charity. I’m guessing there’s no word coming.”

    I’m inclined to believe that such Christians believe that money is “dirty”, especially in Jones’ case. So with that in mind, to give “dirty” money to anyplace like charities would be somewhat defiling to the charity or what have you. Better to be “burdened” by the money, and spend it on luxury, or give it to the church where they can bless it or something.

  • Cecelia Baines

    Jones is his own person. If he choses to follow this idiot it is his choice. If he chooses to talk about the show, it is his choice.

    He is honoring his contract and he has as much right to his views/opinions as anyone here, so form the standpoint of allowing him his freedoms, I think he is well within his rights.

    My view is much different, but that is also my right.

  • Ellen Mottley Tannenbaum

    Although I agree that Jones is young & misguided and his statements are over the top, I don’t have that big a problem with him acting on his convictions.  And, Jones, if you’re reading this, it is possible to break a contract if you really feel that dirty about showing up for work there.

  • Sven2547

    I’ve never seen an episode of Two And A Half Men.  What is immoral about its plotlines? What is objectionable about it?  Jones certainly didn’t give any specifics in his YouTube video.

  • rlrose63

    This story bothered me more than it should have.  The character of Jake in Two and a Half Men was always one of the bright spots in that show for me.  We watched it for the first 3-4 seasons before Charlie’s storylines really went overboard, but when Jake walked on, we usually always laughed.

    I agree that his life has been micromanaged up until now, as is what happens with child actors, and how that he’s an “adult,” he is seeking to take control of his life. 

    Being a blank slate, this charismatic church sees dollar signs in this child.  If they can disavow him of his participation and “help” him to see that the money is also tainted, he will have to donate it to them so he can free himself of the taint.

    It just makes me sick to think he’s being manipulated.  It’s also sad to see that he may have more in common with Jake than I’d like to admit.

  • rlrose63

    It’s pretty base comedy, I’ll admit, but for those of us who like a bit of gutter in our comedy, it was fun to watch the first 4 seasons or so.  Then it just got sad.

  • Sindigo

    Nope, he can’t trump hypocrisy. 

  • Annika Raaen

    I can’t imagine that being young, rich, knee deep in Hollywood crazy provides much of an emotional and mental anchor in reality. This isn’t surprising that someone at his age is looking for meaning in his life. Religion is an easy way to find “meaning” as well as find consistency in a community.

    I’m going to hope for the best for this kid. Maybe someone can kind of guide him towards something that is actually helpful? If he becomes another Kirk Cameron…*shudder*

  • Octoberfurst

     So Jones is now uber-religious eh?  Yes indeed he has “found Jesus” and wants to repent of his wicked ways.  I’m sure the producers of “Two and a Half Men” are just thrilled that he is bad-mouthing the program and telling people not to watch that “filth.”  (And he still has a year left on his contract. Won’t that be fun!)
      Part of me feels sorry for Jones. He’s young and impressionable and thinks he has founds his life’s calling. But he also comes across as a self-righteous jerk as do many Christians. (He’s all holy now don’t ya know.)
      I think that once he leaves the series he is going to find a hard time finding another gig that pays him 300 grand per episode. He’s a grade B actor and will probably follow Kirk Cameron on the old sawdust trail. But hey, it’s his life.
      For the record I have watched Two and a Half Men a couple of times and found it to be stupid and juvenile but I would hardly call it filth.  But what do I know? I’m a godless atheist. 

  • Tony

    First,  Tiger Blood…now Jesus’ Blood? Jeez, this show can’t catch a break with these narcissists!

  • rhodent

    It only seems that way because those are the ones that get the attention.  There are definitely exceptions (Mayim Bialik, who has a Ph.D. and a successful acting career as a grown-up, comes to mind).

  • beetlerace

    No doubt the church leader Christopher Hudson wants the kid to fulfill the contract so the $$’s keep being put in the donation bin.

  • NotTHATguest

    His newfound religious friends care so much for Angus Jones that they waited a whole second before exploiting him!

  • KeithCollyer

     strange how god has him doing something he is contractually obliged to do. if I were one in the writing or directing team, there would be a lot of stories where he has to say stuff he out and out disagrees with

  • TheExpatriate700

    Wouldn’t that have happened anyway? I don’t think anyone was betting on this kid having a career after the show ended.

  • TheExpatriate700

    Why should he break the contract when he only has a year left on it? Just ride it out.

  • OregoniAN

    Neil Patrick Harris comes to mind too. As well as Michael J. Fox, Jodi Foster, Natalie Portman, Ron Howard, Danica McKellar.. Christina Ricci.. The list goes on.

  • Anna

    Of all the religious groups for a young Hollywood actor to join, Seventh-Day Adventism strikes me as an especially strange choice. My first thought would have been the type of fundie Christianity that people like Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin tend to favor. Either that or Scientology.

  • Octoberfurst

    Good point.  I didn’t think his career would last beyond Two and a Half Men. He’s a one-hit wonder.

  • Vini Marques

    As a former Seventh-Day Adventist myself, it was especially amusing to see this video on E! News last night.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    So, he is morally opposed to the show, but feels that it is god’s will that he not break the contract and continue to make $300K per show? I have to say I love this mental contortion. 

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Leverage is a good show and so is Psych. 

  • drakvl

     Yes, but Parker and Stone aren’t afraid of backlash. Plus, if Isaac Hayes had lived, and  wanted to patch things up, I’m sure they would have figured a way to write him back in. On the flip side, while Chuck Lorre is certainly willing to burn bridges, I doubt he’d write an episode rationally explaining why, but showing empathy.

    About the deepest any of his shows seem to get is the geek cred name-dropping on Big Bang (a show I adore, by the way). How can a show mention _Red Dwarf_, but fail to make a reference to “Tikka to Ride”?!

  • Ibis3

    I saw on my local news ticker that Jones called the show “filth” and I thought, “Maybe he’s realised how sexist and degrading the show is. If so, good for him.” Shoulda known that it would be some Christian puritan thing. Oh well, if it means the show will finally be cancelled, good riddance say I.

  • Edmond

    His career is going to have two and a half jobs….

  • ReadsInTrees

    I agree with you, it’s a crappy show. I hate the obvious one-liners followed by the laugh track. Yech.

  • amycas

    “Geek cred name-dropping” is the main reason I can’t stand Big Bang. That, and almost every idiot* I know watches it and expects me to watch it because I’m perceived as a nerd.

    *not every person who watches it is an idiot, and not every idiot watches the show, just saying these particular people are idiots

  • amycas

     What’s your point? Nobody said he doesn’t have a right to these views, and nobody is advocating that we take away that right.

  • Lester Ballard

    I’m sure he’ll give up his filthy residual payments. 

  • Sharon Hypatiia

     Yeah, my daughter watches TBB and I am not impressed – a typical sitcom that gets its yuks using a weirdo as the main character. He’s “just happens” to be a physicist, which lets them throw in all the “scientists are social misfits”  cliches.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I’m pretty fond of Psych myself. 

  • Michaelbrice

    Is he honouring his contract? 

    Don’t you think there might be a clause or two that protects his employer against damaging actions by an employee?

    I’m thinking that would probably be standard procedure.

  • Michaelbrice

    Too true, he is practising situational ethics, he knows if he acts according to his beliefs he will lose his $8 million per year AND be sued for any losses incurred due to cancellation of the show. It would reduce him to poverty no doubt.

    He obviously does not have the courage of his convictions.

  • OregoniAn

    As a side note, (for what it’s worth) I feel compelled to contribute a bewildered headshake that so many of my fellow “freethinkers” have taken every opportunity to refer to the show as being “filthy” “stupid” and even an “abomination”.. Oh lord, you’re just as pathetic and PC as the evangelical X-tians.. What a socially sanitized and utterly boring world you must live in..

    Two & A Half Men was a very well written, “gutter humor” show – with an endless stream of sexual innuendo lines inserted into ridiculous scenarios. (at least for the first 4  seasons.. You’re right rlrose63). Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but apparently enough to make it the top rated comedy show for more than a half decade running..

    Genital mutilation is an abomination. Ethnic cleansing is an abomination.

    This was a 30 minute “comedy” show..

    On American network television of all places..

    Get your priorities straight and get your little noses bent outta shape over things that are truly important. . . Except for those of you who chimed in solely to zing us all with lame Kirk Cameron jokes ~ much appreciated and those NEVER grow old!  =)

  • wmdkitty

    Ugh. He’s turning into another hyper-religious douchenozzle who’s willing to tank his own career over a book of myths.

  • wmdkitty

    Apparently family members are saying Angus is being manipulated by his “church” leader. I believe it.

  • Roger

    AND…. that didn’t take long.  According to the Yahoo news article:

    “I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and
    disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the
    extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed,” said Jones, who reportedly makes $350,000 an episode. “I never intended that.”

  • Frank Mitchell

    Wil Wheaton, also.  I think the key is to step away from Hollywood for a few years.

  • Sergio Castro

    As a bona fide geek I love The Big Bang Theory because I see myself in some of the ways the characters act. Like one time they made a flow chart for Sheldon on how to make friends…For someone who used to have social anxiety (before I got on the right meds), I find that hysterically accurate.

    As for the “half” saying the show is filth and he’s not a true Christian because he’s on it…He’s a kid. He’s trying to grow up and he will make lots of mistakes on the way. Heck, I was a born-again Christian for three months as a teenager – because I had a crush on someone who went to that church – but that didn’t ruin my life. I grew out of it. Hopefully Angus will too. “Filth” can be really funny sometimes.

  • pagansister

    Never have been a fan of the show, but  apparently many are.   If the kid all of a sudden hates getting $300,00 or more  per episode, according to the article, then quit–break the contract.  If he does break the contract, will he still be paid for all the re-runs?  However if his money has been properly handled, he won’t starve.    IMO, he can break the contract, and leave if god all of a sudden has become really important in his life.  But why should he publicly put done a show, encouraging folks to stop watching,  that he has been doing for how many years–8 or 9, and has provided jobs for many (camera folks, etc) when his comments MIGHT cause it to be less popular, thus canceled, and put all the other folks out of a job?    Does he feel NO empathy for the behind the curtain folks who work for the show?  Probably not.    

  • pagansister

     Excellent examples of those that kept their acts together and have gone on to do good things—talented and able to handle it.

  • Mark W

    Wait…people still watch Two and a Half Men?

  • Robster

    What do Seventh-day Adventist’s do on the eighth?

  • Cat MacKinnon

    oh don’t get me wrong, i certainly enjoy some pretty filthy humor myself. and the show doesn’t really offend me (aside from some of the really over-the-top sexist stuff.) i just think it’s basically the same show over and over again, which bores me. i’m not going to lie and say that i don’t get the occasional chuckle out of it if it happens to be on, but i don’t go out of my way to watch it.

    to me, it’s kinda like horror movies: i love a good horror flick, especially if there’s at least an attempt to be genuinely creepy. but if it’s a bloodbath just for the sake of being a bloodbath, i’ll find something else that’s more entertaining. it’s not like i need some grand artistic statement, just make at least a half-assed attempt at being original once in a while. ;)

  • Blue

     And if that does happen, think of the misery he’ll have endured by the time he gets to that point. I feel bad for him. I hope he somehow manages to see through the BS of the church officials before handing them all or most of his money.