Apple Bottom Jesus

What’s better than pastors asking you to give money to them God?

Doing it while rapping.

White people be hilarious.

(via The Museum of Idolatry)

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  • Alan Eckert

    So if God gives the 100%, the rich aren’t the job creators. Right?

  • Baal

    *cringe* (still cringing after reading the title actually)
    I sometimes wonder why churches don’t get more flack for leveraging the psychology of humiliation to create greater group identity.  One of my college friends got married at an assemblies of god ceremony and I almost left during the service from embarrassment on his behalf (mostly the require singing, it did not go well).

  • Serb

    Damn you Hemant!

    Why do you make me watch this?

  • The Captain

    Still better than Kreayshawn, or Gucci Mane.

  • lawmark
    i know one of these guys lol. wonder if they ordered some kind instructional video or do these churches just plagiarize each other…

    • lawmark

      also “the touched ones” sounds so pervy.

  • Daniel Schealler
  • Octoberfurst

    Why is it that when Christians try to be “cool” they end up coming across as so pathetic and lame?  Oh and I loved the part where they said that “God gives you 100 and you give him back 10.” Really? God gives people money? I thought employers did that.  Who knew?

    • Helanna

      No, silly, God makes sure people have jobs!

      That’s why all good people have good, well-paying jobs and all bad people don’t!

      • Ben Porter

         Helanna now you sound like a republican.

  • Rando

    Okay, it’s official there is something worse than Cristian Side Hug now. Thank you for that Hemant.

  • Renshia

    Isn’t that like torture. I sure, I am suffering permanent damage.

  • Jon Moles

    Had to stop at 1:57. It’s like deciphering a Poe, are they just that lame or are they pretending to be that lame? I can’t tell.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor


  • Gary Walsh

    I am going to check the Bible. I am sure that this is condemned as a sin somewhere in there.

  • reboho

    I can see why they get a bad rap. It’s what they give…

  • Jason Horton

    Why can’t I unsee that?

    • Michaelbrice

      With you on that!

  • S.K. Jinnes


  • Bzalisko

    I thought it was fucking hilarious. Good for them.

  • Carmelita Spats

    This is a helluva lot better than creepy Lil Markie…. He’s schizophrenic…

  • Carmelita Spats

    This is a helluva lot better than creepy Lil Markie…. He’s schizophrenic…

  • Fugen

    qute and kind of sad

  • bernardaB

    Three people with a simultaneous bad hair. Of course as any good preachers, they ask for money.