I Thought Playing to Their Smugness Would Work!

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  • Soulless

    No Christmas so no need for presents. Do you actually see any Merry Christmas signs around department stores anymore? Why celebrate in the midst of winter since the initial reason for the celebration is gone. Yea, put the axe on X’mas and save the environment. Let’s all celebrate No Souls Day. No need to shop for that one so no addition pollution.

  • Isilzha

     What was the initial reason for the celebration and where did it go?

    Or are you yet another xian who fails to understand that much of what you call christmas was stolen from ancient pagan celebrations, even the date!  Also, you do know that your bible says not to decorate your homes with evergreens brought indoors because that’s what heathens do?

    Further, humans have been celebrating various feasts and exchanging gifts for thousands of years and in many different cultures.  It makes complete sense for us to do the same and there’s no need for your fictional fairy tales to provide a silly “reason” for it.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    The real reason for midwinter celebrations is “hey, look, we made it through the longest night of the year! The light is returning, let’s party!”

    Nothing to do with “Christ” or your silly Biblegod.

  • Soulless

    Since you know don’t celebrate. Let us the dumb people do. I didn’t know that there was modern work force with an end of the year holiday in those days. How dumb of me.

  • Soulless

    I do not have a bible god. I celebrate with my friends who have. Anyway that celebration is 24th December, not 31st. I am surprise there are people who do not know. Meow…don’t scratch.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    We choose to celebrate life and good cheer in the depths of winter. Is there a better time to celebrate that? And what is your problem with it? And also, can you re-post? It’s hard to understand what your saying when your sentences don’t make sense.

  • Soulless

    If you can’t read the underlying message, too bad!

  • Jason Horton

    Oliver Cromwell considered Christmas day too holy for feasting and revelry. In 1647 Parliament introduced a law making Christmas illegal. This is just the sort of nonsense that Christians get up to when unchecked by reason.

  • Isilzha

    What are you trying to say?  You’re not making much sense.

    If you don’t know or understand that people have had celebratory traditions that involve gift exchanges and feasts for many thousands of years and that it does NOT require xianity, well, I don’t think I can provide you the education you need in the comments section of a blog.

  • Isilzha


  • Isilzha

    The not-very-deep, underlying message is that you’re an xian who’s peeved that Dec. 25 really doesn’t belong exclusively to your silly religion.

  • Isilzha

    I just don’t understand why those xians insist on dragging in those trees and decorating them (usually in colors of silver and gold) in a way that’s STRICTLY prohibited by their bible.  Don’t they understand that once they’ve done so, god considers them heathens?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.renaud.165 Joe Renaud

    You people are clearing failing the soulless Turing test

  • TheAlien

    If I were so against a particular group of people I would not exchange gift during their holiday. From what I gather most people who comment on this blog is pretty dumb anyway so I thought I would join in. I don’t notice any comment from anyone who seemed to have graduated close to the top of the class from any college so in my book that cannot be very smart.

  • Patterrssonn

    I think you should try another translation program Soulless. Your posts aren’t making any sense in English.

    I just realized, when it translates my reply into your language it probably comes across as:

    ‘I want you try new visible computer no god. Make no good English reason’

  • nakedanthropologist

    Wow, that’s a really ignorant comment.  People from all over the world and many different cultures all have numerous holidays that take place in winter.  Think Saturnalia, Yule, Diwali, and so on.  Furthermore, most biblical scholars agree that Jesus wasn’t born in December – he was born in summer.  The Christian church co-opted many a winter Pagan holiday tradition so that when Christian armies invaded other countries and forced Christianity on the local populace, they could gain some “hearts and minds” headground.  Santa, christmas trees, yule logs, gifts, bonfires, parties, drinking…the list is endless.  On an end note, you might want to try looking up some basic facts before you go posting bullshit like this on a well-known atheist blog.  Just sayin’.

  • nakedanthropologist

    That you have onlly basic English skills (at best)?  I mean that literally – grammatically speaking, you’re sentences are incorrect and hard to decipher.  As someone else has already mentioned, you might want to try a different translation program.

  • nakedanthropologist

    Which means I’ve always been a heathen!  Yeah baby, yeah!!!

  • Randomfactor

     I don’t think English is his first language.

  • amycas

     I do celebrate Christmas, because my family celebrates Christmas, and we have fun doing it. If my family wanted to instead celebrate the Solstice or Hannukah, then I would do that, because I want to spend time with them. We don’t really do the gifts anymore though (except for immediate family) because our family is so large now. So, what was your point?

  • amycas

     /start grammar nazi time

    Please learn more about subject-verb agreement if you are going to try to put other people down for their “smarts” or lack thereof.

    /end grammar nazi time